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Can any one please help. I have just bought a LeClerc SIM for my iphone and am having problems activating it. Can anyone give me any guidance please

Hi Sue,

Mike is correct to ask you. If you had the phone already, it might be locked to another provider. It’s up to them whether it can be unlocked or not. If you were on bill pay, they may allow you to unlock (leave their network) after min of 12 months.

Pre pay is more difficult, and could take longer. The reason for this is most phone prices are subsidised by the network we sign up with.

1st step, ask old network can iPhone be unlocked.

Then you must request this from Apple. Old network may do it for you, they will request it from apple. You need a special ID stored in the phone under settings.

If your phone can be unlocked by old provider, you do not need to pay anyone to do this. Hacking or jail breaking a phone is not recommended as you could have problems later with updates etc.

Of course, it’s possible you may have bought an unlocked iPhone (not from any particular network provider)
There are lots of resources online with instructions to unlock, get your code etc. Only my own experience and from friends etc.

best of luck!

Did you obtain your phone from another operator? It may be "locked".

See - http://www.leclercmobile.fr/telephones-mobiles/aide.aspx

There is lots of help online. Just start at the beginning and plough your way through - that's what we all have to do.

Alternatively, take it back to the desk at your local LeClerc, but you'll probably find that they know no more than you do!

Kettle and Pan?

Sue. If you read my posts you will see that I'm more than willing to help if I can. It's what this place is about. However I have also said that I'm not happy to talk to somebody if I cannot see their face. The photo is part of the charm of this place & what makes it different to other forums, hence my tongue in cheek comment which I hoped might prompt you to post a picture of yourself as requested in the introductory welcome you received from our leaders.

Hopefully no bad feelings. It's all good clean fun here. Well usually:-)

Hi Vic,

My apologies. Your are correct in my haste. I looked to the forum for help and your post didn’t exactly help! Let’s leave it at that.

Sue. Thanks for the lesson but in your haste to criticize you don't appear to have noticed it wasn't me who posted using the word "how's". People, glasshouses, stones! Come on, get a grip! It wasn't me who posted a picture of a dog :-)

Hi Ian,

Thanks. Will try that. Will let you know if it works. Thank you very much.


Hi Sue,

I had the same problem. Googled this and found the attached on another forum.

It worked for me. http://dordogne.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/41486/0/leclerc-sim-card



Hi Steve, Thanks for the info, however, it’s the actual setting up and activation of LeClerc Reglo SIM that I’m trying to do. Thanks again.

Sue , dont know if this will work but I had an issue where when I did a recharge, you had to ring a number then follow instructions in French - which of course I didnt understand. For an Orange SIM recharge

Dial 224
When the French instructions start, press 2 then the code on the receipt/recharge card
Hope this helps (but may be specific to Orange)

Thanks for the maturity. However, I take it you have no idea then. Btw Vic, your “how’s” should have began with a capital letter (that would be this one -> H in case you are unsure)

Failed miserably!!

Sue, you must be a clever dog to use a mobile!