Le Grand Débat - maps of France

I came across this today and thought I’d pass it on. This website offers maps of France in relation to lots of socio-economic statistics. What do you think?

The maps represent: Carte de France Actualités, Carte de France Administratives, Carte de France Economie, Carte de France Enseignement, Carte de France Environnement, Carte de France Population, Carte de France Sanitaire et Social, Carte de France Transports


Looks fascinating and a very useful house-hunters’ guide to France.

I’m a bit disappointed that there is not, at this time, a Carte de France Sorcellerie. I have it on good authority that Normandy is well endowed with witches and wizards, and also that the bocage virois, adjacent to our town, is a hot-spot, as is nearby Domfront, where sabbat is often presided over by the Devil in person.

When I tentatively raised this curiosity with me neighbour, he smiled mysteriously, rubbed his grizzled chin, and told me of three very old (nonagenarian) women who live very nearby, each a lone widow, their dwellings forming a triangle in which our own home is centrally situated.

These crones had a habit of meeting every Monday afternoon, the venue rotating in strict sequence amongst the three. One of the three is now deceased, he recounted, but the other two still meet without fail.

Our house is very near this social axis, about twenty paces from one dwelling and fifty paces from the other.

About six months ago, my next door neighbour, an elderly widower, with whom we have struck up a very cordial and surprisingly close relationship, suggested I should accompany him to take coffee with the senior of the two, and I gladly agreed.

I will continue with this intriguing tale in a later post…:shushing_face:

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I’ve been having a little play with the map - fascinating stuff

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It’s a bit fiddly on my smartphone, I’m going to have to see if I can hook my mobile up to the telly somehow, to get a bigger image. If anyone has an idiot’s guide to doing this (assuming it can be done) please share your savoir-faire with me, a techie chump.

Our TV is a modern Samsung model which is connected to the internet via a Livebox.

If your Samsung Smart TV is connected to your LiveBox by wifi it is possible @Peter_Goble.
On your phone much will depend on what phone options are available but the likely culprit will be an option called ‘cast’ which will look for nearby devices to which is can attach itself although on my Samsung smart phone the option is found by ‘pulling down’ the top menu bar to reveal other options and the one to use here is ‘screen mirroring’.

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These guys take the subject seriously :

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Great stuff, @Mat_Davies and thanks for sharing it. Informative, creative and good clean humour :grinning:

Thanks @Graham_Lees and my phone is a doughty Huawei lite, a magic genie that’s obeyed my will and whim at a glance or a snap of my fingers for two years, but occasionally shows its age, and increasingly a few limitations. Innovation is so astonishingly rapid these days.

I’ll try a hook-up as suggested, but I am beginning to think about a new mobile…

Thanks Mary, that’s very useful. :smiley:

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If you enjoyed the humour their YouTube channel has plenty of similar themed subject and some interesting videos on London - albeit with a slightly irreverent approach.

It may be old (2 years is not that old) but this video might help you save the planet by not dumping it in landfill :wink:

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