Le Jardin de Catherine

Has anyone had dealings with this online shop? Part of Mr Bricolage I believe, and proud owner of the worst customer service in France which is saying something.

Having spent 300€ online with them, there was a wrong word in the delivery address, and the item got returned to them.

I've spent the last 2 weeks calling them almost every day on a 0.34€ /min phone line that comically says your wait is estimated at less than 3 mins. The shortest hold time has been 10 mins. A girl answers, I explain and they say they will put me through to a colleague. On hold for another few euros mins and the line cuts off. I've sent them emails and they have not even acknowledged one of them.

Next step suggestions welcome. It's driving me nuts.

I think that you have to "Like" a facebook page before you can post on it. In your situation, that may be an odious proposition.

Post as a comment to a popular post of theirs and or message them via the page, maybe Twitter too, you might find their social media manager is more concerned about customer service than their help desk.

Thanks James, but there is no option to post, it seems to be a closed page

On their site is a CGV (conditions generales de vente) which may provide some extra info, if you haven't already looked there. I agree with James that posting something on their facebook page might get you a bit further, but if you have no luck with that either and your money has not been refunded, how about printing out all your info and going in to your nearest Mr Bricolage and asking if they could assist (assuming it is a sister company).

If you paid by card get a refund for non delivery. Even debit cards have to be refunded (something that the banks do not advertise fully). If by Paypal they are very good at issuing refunds. We had a similar problem with La Redoute - no response from them at all. In the end we ordered the microwave from elsewhere (Carrefour) and it arrived in three days by the same carrier who had supposedly been unable to deliver the original package. It appears that they had taken our order (and money) for an item that was not in stock and never did dispatch it! I just love good customer service.

Post that on their FB wall https://www.facebook.com/LeJardinDeCatherine

Sometimes gets attention!