Leak in apartment from communal heating


Looking for help please. We have a leak in our holiday apartment from pipes from communal heating. Found it on ouf first visit for a year in august.Notified our insurers who said we needed a plumber to clarify if communal property or ours. Plumber saw and said could not touch as leak from pipe from communal heating. The co propertie needed to get a heating engineer.

Notified co properties management on 29th august. They asked for our keys when we left to look. Follow up email September 3rd confirming conversation. When followed up on 26th September they had just been to look at our apartment .

Initially responded with email saying it was our responsibility to investigate and repair. Our insurance company confirmed and emailed it was theirs as communal.

2 weeks later they said they were looking for an investigator on request of our insurance company so hadn’t repaired leak.insurance replied no investigation needed they need to repair the leak .our insurance company is responsible for repairing damage to walls ceiling etc.

Our insurance company have emailed them to say they need to repair with urgency as it is their responsibility. They have fond nothing.

There was black mold all over wall 6 weeks ago when we first notified them of the leak We cannot go out with our children until it is repaired and the heating is back on (it’s in the alps).

We are having no response by email and when we phone to answer phone ( think they are screening).

How do we escalate to make them do their job in an urgent manner.

Our insurance saying to just chase them but it is like a brick wall.

The syndic de copropriété should have a regulation applicable to all co-owners, which indicates how and whether you can initiate a GM of co-owners to bring the topic up for debate as the cost of the repair will usually have to be borne by all the co-owners (if not covered by the copro insurance policy) ? Do you happen to know a local co-owner with whom you are friendly who might be able to push the syndic to do something ? Otherwise, I fear you might be heading for the courts to try and get any satisfaction.

Often there will be a resident’s committee with a copro, which will have a chair that is often able to get through to the syndic quickly. Look at past minutes of your copro meetings to see if the person is listed. Or is their a concierge? Again usually has a hotline to syndic.

Otherwise the next step is a formal AR registered letter to the syndic.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for my ignorance but what is an AR Letter

Thank you

A registered letter with “d’un avis de réception”, so you get proof of it having been delivered.