Leaking water pipe

Hi All Hoping someone will be able to advise...The water main pipe that carries the water into my house and is connected to the water meter has sprung a leak at the water meter housing unit. I have managed to turn the water off so no real damage done...(The pipe from the water meter unit carrying water into the rest of the house is not the source of the leak) Hopefully a simple answer..Do I have to call the Water Supplier to come out and repair the faulty pipe joint/water meter unit.. or can I use the local plumber to carryout the repair? The meter itself appears to be working ok Greatful for your advice-comments Regards Patrick

Hi our water supply is managed by our Mairie so our first point of contact is the mairie. Just contacted them today as we have water trickling into our basement and our engineer thinks it could be water supply so next week they are turning off our water for 3 weeks to see if it dries out. They are going to replace the old water supply pipes to our house and our neighbours too as these could have been there since the day dot apparently. They would have done it this week but we need the water for the builders to continue their work but then next week we are in the 21 day concrete drying out period so seems a good time to be off tap. Lets see what happens!

Just a query about your leak, where is it exactly, on the joint of the pipe to the water meter, how did you isolate it, was the isolation valve before the water meter.

also how did you find the leak and how severe is it.

VMT Rgds Pat

VMT Rgds Pat

VMT Rgds Pat

Last month I called in at the Mairie - 5 minutes away - to report a leak at the meter. They called the water supplier for me and the supplier's van arrived at my house at the same time as I got back - quickest service ever!

Vic has already said it, everything up to and including the meter is not yours and you can't touch it - best call your local service des eaux ;-)

The norm is that up to & including the meter is the responsibility of the water supplier. After that it's the householders problem.