Learn French in one word!


RSI, RSI but they are a pain in the neck if you are self-employed and they can shrug more than anybody else, all day long, for the duration even.

haha! the other one is 'poof' with a shoulder shrug....I spend a lot of time bouffing and poofing and in danger of RSI with the shoulders!

When I came to France first, someone told me that "ah bon?" was perfect for everything. It seemed to work in Paris, but down here, people thought I was doubting the validity of things they were saying. I had to actually learn to listen to them, and construct a response....

"bouffffff!" on any occasion, shrug shoulders, upper arms amd elbows firmly on rib cage, lower arms splayed, hands open palmed toward person/s addressed.

around here, you could honestly get by on "carrement", or.. "tu m'etonne"

This circulated a while ago - glad to see it again!

And here's me thinking it was "Non"!

Sounds great - and might work for teenagers. Pretty sure that my friends and acquaintences would be a little taken aback if I started "putain-ing" left, right and centre!!

The Eddie Izzard video is wonderful...seen it before..but he is very funny..

My immediate thought was "hein" accompanied by a shoulder shrug.... possibly won't practice this one next time I'm having a heated debate with SFR ....

had to share this on my facebook....

I soooo went for, “voila”.


; J