Learning Languages

There are many stereo-types of Brits abroad. One of the most common is that they always expect jonny forigner to speak English the other is that the only proper food is English food.Having lived in Germany and France this is by no means always the case. The worst group are probably the brits who go to the Costas and think it is Blackpool with Sun.I have been in shops in france where you gradually hear an english voice being raised at the poor assistant and have intervened to help. In general there are so many ways to learn a language now. Internet, classes, DIY books or as I learnt much of my German evenings in a bar.I often hear people say I cant learn Languages. This isnt really true. but it is an ingrained belief in UK people. Every one can learn a little and the more you learn the more you enjoy it. The ability to tell your baker what great cakes he makes, or compliment your neighbour on his/her garden. Yes I take my languages to another level and am half way through an OU degree at the age of 67. but just learning a few words or phrases can so widen your life. and you will find people will help you and often try and use their limited English. No one is too old to learn a little


Hear Hear. I couldn’t agree with you more Michael.