Leasing a car in France

Our Renault Megane is nearing seven trouble free years, unfortunately we're not maintaining the same level of wellness! The time has come to think seriously about a getting a new car fairly soon. Because the Renault has been so terrific and we are lucky enough to have a friendly local Renault dealer it will have to be that marque, we feel.

Investing a huge amount of money in buying a car at our time of life is a bit worrying and we are thinking of leasing. I don't know the french word for leasing - is it 'louer'? And what about terms, do they differ enormously from leasing terms in the UK? Does any reader have a leased car? Judging by the number of new cars in this relatively poor part of France many of them have to be leased not owned outright, I would have thought. Any thoughts appreciated greatly.

leasing or location longue durée, 3 to 5 years seems normal, I didn't because it worked out better on crédit bail where I pay a final rent for the vehicle after 5 years and it's mine. My experience is for a professional vehicle (van) but exactly the same exists for cars, the press is full of adverts including renault, google location longue durée and you'll have the main players ;-)

Andrew, that is really helpful. Thanks very much indeed. Geniale!


We looked in to this, it's only workable if you do around 10-15000km a year. Above that there are punitive charges. Otherwise worth investigating!

I highly recommend the Ford Ecoboost range too. Efficient, quick, no turbo lag and nice to drive.

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