Leboncoin protocol

As a fairly regular user of the above I need to ask for clarification on a point that confuses me.
All adverts usually offer an orange button headed either ‘Acheter’ or ‘Faire un offre’.
The latter suggests to me that the vendor is open to negotiation but on a couple of occasions recently when I have proposed a price the seller has responded in short order that the price was the price in the header title.
This has just happened once again when I offered to buy various auto parts totalling about 505 euros and I suggested 450 euros for the lot. The seller seemed most offended but why then have the ‘Faire un offre’ button?
Am I missing something? Is it just that they have constructed their advert incorrectly or unintentionally?

That’s happening to me to some times the sellers get really offended for me it’s strange

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You could send a message to see if offers are acceptable prior to submitting an offer. Although I have found there is a very low response rate to messages on LeBonCoin

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I take your point though in my experience it depends on what is being offered for sale. I do find that I have a much better chance of gaining a response if I send an sms rather than an e-mail.

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One problem is that people don’t remove the ads when a item is sold


I suspect they’re standard buttons which LBC has and sellers can’t - or don’t bother to - “turn off”.

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That thought had occured to me Stevie.

It’s funny how a local for sale page from southern Sweden has taken over so many Europen country’s It started out as a page for people in southern Sweden the grown in to this massive homepage covering several countries this is the original on www.blocket.se