Left Handers

Saw on UiB, it was ‘Left Handers Day’ yesterday I’m one, any others on here, have you experienced any disadvantages, as a left hander?
I have, for example, was ‘between ships’ years ago, went for a job to tide me over, I was ideally qualified, but after being told when to start and going out through the door, the Boss said,
“Btw, you arn’t left handed are you?”
“Sorry, so no job”.
Apparently the machinery used was all set up for ‘Right handers’ !!!
And, I credit my lousy handwriting, to being left handed. :wink:

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Surprised there arn’t more of us (skuddy wifters), supposed to be 1 : 4 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m left handed. If I had been taught how to knit,play tennis etc left handed I may have managed but school insisted it had to be done right handed. Luckily I was allowed to write left handed unlike my poor grandad whose left hand was tied behind his back.

I was at least, ‘left to it’ Teresa. :wink:
Always had to think about left and right, though never a problem with port and starboard, oddly :thinking:

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Not quite sure what handed I call myself ?

I write more legibly with my right hand but can write with my left, I draw & sketch with my left, always use my folk in my right hand, ask in fish restaurants for a normal knife if they haven’t a left handed fish knife.

I use the mouse for the computer with my left or right probably depending where it is on the desk

Used to play a lot of darts in pubs for fun & bets for pints or money best trowing hand is my right followed closely by my left.

Always had to shoot rifles with my right but bought a left handed shot gun.

When doing any DIY I use the hand best suited.

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Fork, Mouse,right, pool cue, darts, shooting, diy, writing, gesturing/pointing etc left.

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My partner is left handed…I’m right handed…and there have been times in the past when he has tried to show me how to do something practical that I just don’t get…it doesn’t translate from his demonstration to my implementation of it…x :slight_smile:

Having said that… a few years back I suffered a rather horrid injury to my right hand and what with kids and Collies there wasn’t a lot of time to feel sorry for myself so I quickly learned amongst other tasks to write with my left hand…and still can…x :slight_smile:


I struggled to learn to tie knots and splice rope as a left hander, being shown by right handers Helen :thinking:

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Hi, I’m a southpaw, count me in, please.

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I’ll add knitting. Also, playing banjo. And, I wonder what it would be like to play french horn left-handed… :wink:

Opening doors or assisting others has tended to be odd; come to think on it, most anything where one hand or side of the body is dominant, has been a challenge. It’s just that I’ve never been right-handed, so not sure how that feels. Translating stuff like how to hold a canoe paddle which incorporates a new sort of body movement along with it, has always taken a bit more time. And don’t even get me started about playing defensive positions against right-handed players for nine years when I played ultimate frisbee in college and on city teams. There’s the whole thing about opposite spin of the frisbee, and the way players move when we torque the body to wind and throw. Man I was always in danger of causing offense (pun intended). :sunny:

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Never thought about the “door opening” but you’re so right Mary, games/sport, not too bad, boxing, I found myself at an advantage.
Sailing, Climbing, Motorbikes, made no difference.

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Although i found knitting difficult my left handed cousin was a whizz because she could knit both right and left handed which meant she never had to swap the needles round.
I can play table tennis by swapping the bat from one hand to another which saves stretching for a shot.


I wasn’t bad at cricket, top hand on the bat, was my left, so bat on my right, is that left or right handed? :thinking:

I’d bet you baffled the bowler, Bill! Knowing you to be a southpaw, your stance at the stump would give me the eebyjeebies if I were trying to mow you down :thinking::confused:

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A disproportionate number of famous people are left handed. Albert Einstein and Alan Turing and Marie Curie, to name but a few.
I believe that it comes from having to negotiate a right hande world from the earliest age. Working out thier own way of dealing with problems becomes second nature.
Modesty forbids me to mention my own natural bias!

Ah, Mike, but the tilt of your handsome head is a dead give-away! :rofl::grinning:

I’m beginning to like you!

Perhaps I should have mentioned that I am always fearful of causing offence when dining with Moslem friends.


Good-looking, modest, sociable and culturally sensitive…what’s not to like, Mike? And that’s at least one of us! :grinning: