Legal Help needed - can I make a statutory declaration in France (and how!) which will be valid in the UK?

Ten years after is was made redundant after the business ceased trading, the directors have finally sold the freehold of the premises for quite a large sum of money.

However, as ever with land transactions, there is a tiny strip of land which we have always believed to be "ours", but which is not registered on the Land Registry deeds and the vendor is now asking for statutory declarations to be presented to the UK Land Registry.

Now it might just be easier to scrape some money together and jump a flight back to the UK and do the dirty deed there - but I thought I would just check and see whether I can make a Statutory Declaration in France which would be acceptable to the Land Registry.

My limited experience of notaires in France would tend to make me believe that jumping a flight home would be the cheapest and easiest solution - but, being broke, I would welcome advice to the contrary!

Thanks for the reply, Steve!!! Pretty much my thoughts too!!!!