Legislatives 2024

Not really Premier League, more Southern Football League South

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Why does it take so long to get these people into a courtroom?
Considering how important the outcome could be I find it appalling that , even if there are appeals , justice does not seem to be seen to being done.

If you thought John Cougar Mellencamp was bad, try this lot (mostly deputés from the 18th and 19th centuries) courtesy of Wikipedia. :smiley:

Jean-Henry-Louis Greffulhe

Jean Auguste de Chastenet de Puységur

Jacques Antoine Creuzé-Latouche

Louis Grégoire Deschamps Destournelles

Jules-François-Paul Fauris de Saint-Vincens

Guillaume-Xavier Labbey de PompiĂšres

Chrétien François de Lamoignon de Basville

Jacques Marquet de Montbreton de Norvins

Jean-Pierre Casimir de Marcassus, Baron de Puymaurin

Jean-Paul-Alban Villeneuve-Barcement


Apparently she is being done for corruption now

I dialled into a webinar run by a Paris based asset manager on Tuesday for its French clients. The webinar was intended to assess the impact of the elections on the markets. I was amused that two of the examples used to illustrate the historic impact of short term shocks on markets, were the notorious Liz Truss/Kwarteng budget and the Brexit referendum. In both cases it appears that the acute shocks were very short term on the markets, which, when the dust had settled, continued on their long term upwards trajectories. The asset managers conclusions were that similar was to be expected from the current political uncertainty.