LEP savings account what are the rules

with LEP savings accounts the maximum limit to invest is 7,700€.

Would this be doubled for a joint account, does anybody know?.

Also would it be allowed to have an LEP account with two or three banks?. I guess not but am not sure of the rules.

Hi Geoff,

If you are married, you may have 2 LEPs and that's it. Beware, for a married couple incomes should not exceed 29537 €

See http://www.journaldunet.com/patrimoine/finances-personnelles/1141377-lep/


If you are married, you may have 2 LEPs

That's one each of course... You may have one if you are not married, AFAIK but you are also entitled to put money (interest tax free) into an LDD and Livret A.

Maximum holding each on the LDD is 12k€ and Livret A 22950€ with both paying 0.75% interest.