L'éphéméride du 14 février

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After a lot of internet searching of a word I had never come across before ’éphéméride’ (my goodness SF is good for the education!) I’m still not clear on what it means in this context. One definition talked abot astronomy, one referred to a page-a-day tear off calendar and one dictionary translated it as “ephemeride”.
Could someone please put me straight on this one?

In this context, from éphémère, or fleeting, referring to the tear-off pages of a calendar.

Thanks Alex. I wondered how it was connected to “ephemeral”!

Angela… what do you make of this, then…

Le dicton du jour “Vigneron à la Saint-Valentin, doit avoir serpette en main.

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It’s what applied to one particular day… and possibly because… by the next day… it was “old news” :rofl: :rofl:

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Love that one, Stella :smiley: I haven’t got any vines but perhaps I should be (belatedly) pruning my fruit bushes? :thinking:

( I also like the way these sayings always seem to rhyme…)

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To me the two words immediately suggest a connection. I often use an English word but with the French grammar and it is amazing how many times I am right, or at east understood.