Les Restos du Cœur - 30 Nov/1 Dec (possibly Sunday too)

(stella wood) #1

The “Restos du Cœur” will be collecting non-perishable foodstuffs in all major supermarkets…this weekend… Friday and Saturday.

If you wish to… please, when you do your shopping, put an extra tin/packet of something into your trolley and when you have paid the Cashier… hand whatever you wish… to the person collecting for this very worthy cause. That person should be highly visible…towards the Exit of the shop and wearing the special Resto gilet…

No pressure… but every little helps give someone less fortunate… a little extra something. Everything collected locally… is distributed locally…


(Mandy Davies) #2

I will be checking my shelves and cupboards for things that I don’t want and will be donating these things.

Everyone should have a quick check, if it’s not been used after months in the cupboard then it probably won’t be. Even if you only find a few things they will be gratefully received.

(stella wood) #3

Absolutely… but you will need to hand over the stuff BEFORE going into the shop… I often have someone come over and ask me to go to the Exit, where I can accept stuff from outside the shop…

Or else, there is always a main depot… and they will be delighted to have stuff donated. As I say… non-perishables…

One year I had a terrible time with a lady who handed me a bag of potatoes… despite all the notices saying “non-perishables” in packets/tins/jars. She was so upset, I took them… and later someone weighed them and paid the going rate, giving the money to The Cause… :thinking::hugs:

(Mandy Davies) #4

Happily, the entrance and exit at the local Leclerc and Auchan are the same so no problem there.

I think the dates are 30 November, 1 & 2 December. I assume it’s the same thing otherwise a strange coincidence.

(stella wood) #5

It’s definitely Friday and Saturday in my neck of the woods… (our shops are not open on Sundays.) This Collection is done at virtually every supermarket… not just the major players…:hugs:

I am down to do a half-day on each. Sadly, folk do not always turn up to do their stint… and some of us have been known to do the whole day… phew…

So now, I always take a picnic chair, bottle of water and something to nibble on… just in case…

(Anna Watson) #7

Let’s hope the gilets jaunes do the decent thing and don’t prevent people from going to the supermarkets this Saturday. That would be unforgiveable IMHO.

(stella wood) #8

I am rather worried… I am due to start at 9am which means leaving 40 mins early (normally)… but the route(s) have been so badly blocked here that everything is taking ages and ages longer… Taking smaller roads has become horrendous as everyone is trying to do the same thing… and when a lorry comes looming up and the only place to go is in the ditch… mmm… :neutral_face::thinking:

(Mandy Davies) #9

Nothing on the roads here today Stella. All clear. How is it in your part of France?

(stella wood) #10

Still blocked…

The manifestations… major topic at today’s meeting, while we waited for latecomers.

Everyone is hoping it will calm down/stop asap… but no-one sure how that can come about…

Phew, feelings were running high…

and I think we were all glad when the last person arrived and we could get down to the Meeting and today’s Agenda…

(Mandy Davies) #11

Oh no! I have to go in the other direction tomorrow and I have a rdv at 14h. Hoping it will be clear but as it’s a Wednesday afternoon, possibly not. I’m starting to tire of this now.

(stella wood) #12

OH showed me that the roads/roundabout locally… clear as a bell… the App on his phone shows it… clear as a bell…

Mmm… spoke with the lady who shops for the school canteen… she is wondering what planet my OH is on… she tells of lorries lining the main road, roundabout blocked and all traffic at a standstill…

I lamely mention that the App does not show any of this… mmmm… must be an English App then… obviously … and it doesn’t work in France… was her reasoned reply. :wink::thinking:

(Mandy Davies) #13

Brilliant! Anything that doesn’t work must be English. :grinning: Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Bloody foreign rubbish :wink:

(stella wood) #14

:rofl::rofl::rofl: and by the time we had discussed the latest on Brexit… M le Maire felt I was in need of support and offered me a whisky… yuk… but I did accept a delicious glass of Pineau …:wink:

(Sandy Hewlett) #15

I’m always happy to give something … sanitary products, toothpaste, shampoo, nappies, loo rolls, deodorant, cotton buds, washing up liquid … that kind of thing. It’s very worthwhile.

(stella wood) #16

The amount of pleasure that a “special” bar of soap or any toiletries… can give to a lady in difficult times… has to be seen to be believed. The collections are mostly geared to foodstuffs… but some folk do give “treats” for adults and kids … often because they have been on the receiving end of Help in the past… and they know what it is all about…:hugs:

The whole Rest d C Team is so grateful for anything that folk choose to give…as they know how much it will be appreciated by others…

(stella wood) #17

I did my first stint this morning… folk were generous, when they could be… :hugs:

Always sobering to see how folk behave… there were lots of excuses and downright refusals…to give anything at all… some folk were needlessly rude.

I needed a hot cuppa and a sit-down when I finally made it home…

(Mandy Davies) #18

Well done you.

I took three heavy bags of tins, jars and packets to the 3 different supermarkets I visited today. I can’t believe it had all accumulated in my cupboards.

All the collectors were of a certain age and so charming. I saw people refusing as well and lots of dumped plastic bags around the shops. But I also saw lots and lots of boxes full to bursting with donations.

I have always given something, every year, even if it’s just a packet of pasta or a tin of vegetables. You only need to spend 1€.

(stella wood) #19

Well done Mandy… :hugs::hugs::hugs:

(Mandy Davies) #20

I’m happy that some people in need will benefit from the food I didn’t want. It’s just fortunate that the timing was right, I was clearing out my cupboards anyway as you know.