Leslie Nielsen

Are there any Leslie Nielsen fans on here?
What were your favourite lines of his?
(Humour me, I’m having flashbacks and trying to distract myself).

Some of my favourites: The driving school car chase ‘Now Stephanie, gently, extend your arm, now, extend your middle finger, very good, well done’.
‘The city is being overrun by Baboons!’
Frank taking the microphone to the toilet with him during the press conference.
The prison scene where he’s writing to Jane and gets told to shut up, also when he said his prison number was unlisted, and the black guy used to be white etc.
Sadly I have seen Airplane! Too many times so I don’t laugh so much at that, although it is an all-time favourite.

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Yeah, I love it, that bit comes just after Stephanie and the Teen Driving School chase.

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