Let me show you some MAGIC

I want to share with you how you can deal with these ANTs from the onset so as not to get into a conversation about them by yourselves.

If our mind is always eavesdropping on our self-talk then it makes sense to make sure that self-talk is positive. Who wants to feel yucky all the time?

Easy to say I know but if you think of your mind as a computer and the self-talk as the program that’s going to run that computer. It just makes more sense to program our computer with the software that will benefit a smooth-running machine.

So here are 4 brain hacks that will help you reprogram your software. I know for me ANTs is my biggest downfall. So what I’m about to share with you now really helped me.

Jim Kwik our brain man - says that ‘What you resist persists’

I’ll give you an example;


So what are you thinking about now?


As much as I say ‘Don’t think of a pink elephant’ the more times that pink elephant is going to pop into your mind.

Blank Facebook Post (16)

There’s nothing wrong with you pinkie xx

OK, Jim calls these hacks ‘magic hacks’ for the acronym that comes from a magician when he does his tricks.


Now using just the first 4 letters ABRA here are the hacks to help you keep those ANT’s at bay.

A - acknowledge your thoughts - don’t resist them as mentioned earlier.
What you resist - persists.

B - breathe in your power, your true purpose, and all possibilities.

R - release your limitations, you are not your thoughts.

A - align with your true potential, your true magnificent self. x

So there you have it. Jim’s hack to help you keep those ANTs at bay.

‘When you fight for your limitations you get to keep them’

So this week any negative thoughts that may arise be aware and turn them into the opposite.

To your success.