Let's go to bed

Allo Allo,

Does anyone have any idea where I can buy a new divan style kingsize bed, all the beds I've seen here in France seem to be a tad on the low side. I'm looking for something higher.

In the UK they're available everywhere. Maybe I can get one shipped over? I'd prefer not to, however. Any suggestions most appreciated. Merci.

Hello Christophe: a bed is indeed one of the most important issues ....

I recommend britishbedsworldwide.com - Roger Charles sells the absolute best beds I know. I have a Hypnos and would not use any other .... Disadvantage: whenever travelling I have huge problems with beds ... :) Transport btw was simple and very professional. Wish you luck.

You are very welcome.

Timing's perfect if they have anything suitable - think there's a massive sale on at the mo.

thank you Valerie

you could always contact Brian Muir at 'furniture for france' - they are located in France but sell English type furniture and their delivery price is excellent. Not sure if they have 'king size beds' but worth looking at their website - http://www.furnitureforfrance.co.uk/. I was most impressed with the quality of furniture

We used a small delivery company, but we got the beds we wanted.

Cdiscount do things like this (hope the link works otherwise just look under "lits structure") and they have a delivery service. http://www.cdiscount.com/maison/meubles-mobilier/pop-structure-de-l...|cd

There is always Ikea :)

The cost of shipping could be the back breaker here, Jane. I don't know if any of the UK suppliers offer shipping to France at reasonable rates?

We bought our beds for the gite in UK and had them shipped over, two twins and one super king.

Hey thanks for that Haydn, I'll look into it. Bonne journée, It's peeing down here. Bergerac

Just bought a Kingsize divan bed in MAISON de la LITERIE . You can mix and match any mattresses with bases (there was plenty of choice), and then choose the leg height to attach to the divan base you want......

They have shops all over France:-

Bensons for beds. UK Do not deliver to France, sadly :'(