Letter de relance

Today I have returned from a trip to the uk to find a letter which I think is telling me that I must inform the Impots when my velux has been fitted.
The problem is I already have , over a month ago but I didn’t return it recorded .
There is also information telling me that I can print the form from the website, unfortunately that page comes up as not found.
My french is not up to a telephone call so I either have to write a letter or visit the office. Does anyone think if I go to Perigueux with my builders invoice and the other tax form we were given that would be the easiest option?

Hi Teresa

Any chance of seeing what the letter says… I recently had a Lettre de Relance which asked when work had been done…

As I explained to the lady… the last changes would have been done in 1845…

Turns out it is a “standard form”… sent out because there is/was a query on my property details in their computers.

so… does your letter actually mention Velux ?..

If not, they possibly want to confirm full details of your property…

take a look at the letter and come on back to me…

Hope you can read this. It does say combles -greniers at the bottom.

Yep, The same letter as mine … with the 2 boxes at the bottom…

  1. Lieu des travaux.: just had our address

  2. Nature des travaux: aménagement intérieur

If your 2 boxes are filled in with your address and refer to Velux/Loft (which it sounds like they might)… they are possibly wanting a more detailed form H1 (as appropriate).

Frankly, why not go and speak with your local Mairie… that’s what I did and they helped me get things sorted.

Thank you. I think the H1 may be the form I sent at the end of February but I’ll pop in to the Mairie tomorrow.
Our builder was adamant it shouldn’t increase our tax so hopefully they just need more information as you say.

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Sorry I can’t help on this Teresa.

Holwever,I have just recently found out, owing to the kind lady in our village PO, that there are ‘Sticker suivis’, they cost 40 cents each and you stick them on your already stamped envelope. Each one has a unique code and you can follow the letters progress via Internet. Has been very useful for me at this time with having to send so many official letters in France. A lot cheaper than recorded and I know exactly when the letter arrived. They also exist for ‘International letters’ too.
I have bought a book of 10 for France. May pay other folks to think about getting some as once you have some handy you don’t have to go via the PO !

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Thanks for that Ann.
Like you I had no idea that they existed.

They have saved me a lot of money recently Jane, for instance when I sent a registered letter to the UK it was almost 14 euros, with the International Suivi it was 3,20 !
It also saves all that form filling too. They are also available for parcels. I had to return a modem in France and once again the PO lady said use a Colis Suivi, again much cheaper and I was able to ‘track’ it to its destination !

I’ll get some tomorrow. Thanks.
We’ve just found a form that they sent last year not long after we got permission for the velux.

Here’s what they look like…I bought a pack because I still have official letters to send !

Here’s the International ones …

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For important items but not of great monetary value they sound ideal.

That is the official “we’ve done the work” form… which should have gone back to them…

What form did you send them, if not this one ??

Whatever, always worth having a word at the Mairie… if they have the time, they can often cut through a lot of red-tape on our behalf… :slight_smile:

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I returned a form which asked us to give the date the work had been finished , we thought it superseded this one.

You’re not the only one to get in a bit of a pickle… we all do from time to time…

Deep breath… relax… and up the Mairie tomorrow…:upside_down_face:

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On the subject of velux, we have had one fitted in the roof to let light into the stairwell. Out of ignorance we didn’t apply for permission (it is on the rear of our property overlooking woods) and no mention was made by the installer, a well known double glazing company in Riberac. Do we plead ignorance to the Mairie? I wish there was a list somewhere of do’s and dont’s. Is retrospective permission likely?

Well as they say nul n’est censé ignorer la loi but if you go and creep and suck up a lot they might be nice.

Went to the Mairie today who said that form was for them and gave us a copy for our dossier. They said write in bottom of lettre de relance date work completed and post to Periguex. We actually have two of above form so wondering if i should send one to Periguex anyway.

I would follow the advice from the Mairie… or it might simply confuse things. If any more bumpf does arrive, chat again with the Mairie, so that you are all singing from the same sheet…:slightly_smiling_face:

(I make notes in my files… date I talked… and with whom… and what was decided/advised…)

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Today we have received a H1 to fill in for the impots. All because of one velux!
We have to literally declare every room in the house, outside terrasse the lot. The previous owners will have definitely declared all this when they extended.
As we get taxed substantially already why is this?


It may well be that the Impots folk are just “ticking boxes” for local properties… making sure that their records for such-and-such a Commune… are up-to-date at such-and-such a point in time…

Completing the form is quite straight forward… make sure you scan a copy to keep for any future reference/query… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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