Letters: Our burgundy passports are already starting to become useless for us

:cry: and there will be more following this stupid folly!!!

Given that passports, from any nation, are quite commonly used as proof of ID this seems to be a case of a single individual being confused rather than a systematic effort to undermine the usefulness of a UK passport.

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I wonder if there are not more people confused about Brexit. The lady in the post office said that the UK was no longer in the EU since Brexit. I had to tell her that Brexit had not actually happened yet but I’m not sure she was convinced :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I suppose this is the ‘squeaky wheel’ syndrome. Sometimes if you say enough incorrect or misguided stuff out loud, in the presence of enough other people, then you get sorted. Hopefully before one misguides anyone else.

Quick! Out to the local Presse to stock up on black felt-tips to cover my shame :black_heart::sob:


Well, one can always chalk it up to performance art, stirring things up just to see what happens, etc etc. :sunny:

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