Letting my Apartment in Montpellier - Advice please


It's been a dream of mine for many years to live in France. I eventually purchased a small apartment as a Buy to Let in Montpellier two years ago. My long term plan is eventually to move there either permanently or at least semi-permanently, but I would still be interested in keeping touch with people living there now with a view building up contacts.

Having a nightmare at the moment with my tenant though. It's almost brought me to the verge of putting the apartment up for sale. He never pays his rent on time and I haven't a clue how to get him out. I've been trying to find a Rental Management Company who could take the apartment over for me either to rent full-time or seasonally. I'm not very good with the French language and i know that's a distinct disadvantage, but I am trying really hard to learn.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be more than grateful.




Thanks to all who replied to my previous dilemma regarding trouble with my French tenant. I went to Montpellier in March this year (2014) and I met with an agency called Guy Hoquet. Their office is just a street away from my apartment. They have taken control of things and 'lo & behold' my tenant is now paying his rent on time! The Agency take 8% commission which is quite reasonable, I think. They are in regular contact with my tenant. It's such a weight off my mind - Fingers crossed it will all go smoothly from here on.



Most of them do, if they don't there are plenty of associations that will assist them.

Do not forget that the rental agreement must be in French otherwise it has no legal status.

These rental nomads we have also in Germany. A real nuisance. I think this is a small group in every country. Could be a good idea to post this great invitation for free accommodation on websites in Arab Spring countries.

Yes but they usually do not know French law :) French tenants DO !!!

Non French tenants are still covered by the relevant laws.

I've heard, and I am not sure that it is true, that it is not legally possible to evict a tenant in France during the winter months if they do not have a place to go to, even if they are not paying their rent. We do not rent any of our property, ever, to French people. Sad but true. I am sure that there are plenty of honest French renters out there. My partner is French and that is his advice! Good luck.

You must get the tenant out. Depending on your finance-plan, and if with a high mortgage, taking into account the current financial climate, I would put the apartment on the market, - then the tenant MUST move out. Imagine he continues not to pay and all this sentimental blabla, fact is you are responsible for the mortgage. There is always hassle when you rent. My white hairs are the witness... We have had two place and got rid of it, it is such release.

hi, what Anne said is true if it is unfurnished, although even at the end of the lease you can only get somebody out if you or a relative want to move in or you want to sell it. Also you can't get somebody out of an unfurnished place in the winter, whatever the reason!

If it is furnished however you can just get a huissier to send a letter (bailiff) and get him out without going to court.

Also an estate agent won't be able to take over your property if there is somebody in - I tried to do this with my rental place near Agde and they said they couldn't by law.

I presume you didnt get assurance d'impayés - insurance against non-payment?

Look at rentila.com - they have lots of info.

You must send your tenant a registered letter 7 months before the end of his three year contract

If he does not reply get the bailiffs in six months before the end. He will lose his deposit if he is difficult. If it goes to court he pays the costs. Get your Notaire on the job.

That will move things on!

You could try Immobilière Saint Jean. I have used them both for renting out an apartment and as a tenant in the house where I live now and they are acceptable for both. Tell them I recommended them if you do contact them. They are at

21 rue du Faubourg de la Saunerie, 34000 Montpellier


There is a anglo french company in montpellier run by Wendy Johnson and her colleague called www.moving-to-montpellier.com/‎ They should be able to help.