Levothyrox - update 2020

The Lyon Court of Appeal orders the pharmaceutical company to pay 1,000 euros to each of the plaintiffs, according to their lawyer

Unsuccessful first time around, more than 3,000 users of the new Levothyrox formula who complained of numerous side effects obtained, on appeal, the recognition of a lack of information from the manufacturer Merck and a modest compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

Hi I read that as was wondering about the word plaintiffs, do you think that it’s just the people who formed groups with a lawyer who will get the 1000e ?
The new formula made me very ill and I wrote to ANSM about my “effets indésirables”. It tells you yo do that on the paper that you get inside your medication. I got included in the official number of complaints as I had a reply but not sure that counts as being a plaintiffs for the 1000 e as I didn’t join a group with an advocate.