LGV Tours - Bordeaux

We live within 200mtr of the new line being built (raised to go over the motorway) and have been told that there will be no compensation for the loss of value to our property. It is now worth about 50% of the pre LGV worth (we have owned for 22 years so did not buy on the cheap - this was not in the planning at the time). Does anyone have further information, we have spoken to the commune (who will be receiving compensation) but have just been told that it is the way of thing and our poor luck.

Update on this - LGV do not compensate anyone other than propeties that they have demolished or built on (fields ect). Our hamlet has seen a 50 per cent drop in property values and have 30 trucks an hour driving past a meter from the house . The norm is four or five vehicles. Good job I love it here. Not so good for friends zho hqve to doznsize because of health. Please excuse spelling using french keyboard and having proble;s

We are in Pussingy, most of the commune will not be affected, just our hamlet. The motorway is as close as the LVG will be, but is lower than us and does not create much noise. The LGV will be raised and generate far more disturbance.

There is a meeting on Monday, so hopefully will find out more then.

Which commune?

Bernadette, I am sorry to hear you are going through the same trauma that we went through recently.

We live in the path of the route from Bordeaux to Toulouse.

At one point the new line was coming directly past our back door. At the time we were under the impression that if we lived within 60-100m of the line we would get some compensation but outside that zone there would be little or nothing. Fortunately, for us, the route has now, after successful demonstrations and lobbying, been moved to run alongside the A62 motorway over 2km away, which everyone always thought would be more cost effective and less impacting on the countryside. I would suggest you try and find out if there is a anti LGV group locally you can speak to that might shed some light or help with this. If there is no group, start one! I will ask some of the other members of our group to see if they can shed any more light on this for you as I was not directly involved with the legalities but only demonstrated my opposition with others.

Good luck