Liar, liar pants on fire

No, not just an excuse to get the word pants in the title!

I don't lie 'honest'

From p*rkie pies to little white lies...what is happening?


Armstr*ng's cyclical doping habit ( cheating B*stad )

S*vile's row of misdemeanours

B*rclay's LIBORing tales of woe

MPs' opaque expenses claims

Whistle blown on FIFA's b*ngs

Andr*w M*tchell to be whipped for Pl*b jibe

For crumpet's sake does no-one tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth anymore?

It seems that everything is a tissue ( bless me ) of lies nowadays....I'm not talking 'conservative with the truth'....... I'm talking bare-faced, blatant, PERVERT the course of justice ( sorry Jim now then now then no need for that )...b*ll*x. If they ain't dead they're indebluddynial!!!

Two questions: First word first syllable Duh

Does anyone here tell the truth?

or more importantly, does anyone lie? ( tell the truth now! )

Second poser;

Is the whole world corrupt? Ie is it inherent in human nature to lie and try to get away with it?...or is Cock and Bull the way of the jungle...? iffy tax returns,Inflated insurance claims...the odd cash job..YES YOU!! you know who you are!

...I have never told an untruth in my life! already..hand on heart. All I need now is to find out something like M*ther Teresa was on the Game show Bullseye. Don't believe it..and if she failed to declare her appearance fee... then Saints alive, I'll shall be off to seek out the first Catholic Priest I come across and believe me tongues will be wagging!

Be honest! are YOU honest?

you are right Zoe, we all know Politicians lie, the most successful ones are probably the best at it. Avoiding giving an answer seems to be an artform. The Romney/Obama debate screened today was a slanging match, but it seemed Obama gained a little ground after the initial trouncing.

By comparison PM's question time was an altogether more civilised affair, with respective point put over well. The 'right Honourable friend /Gentleman' precursor appeals to me. A good listen.

then again.. look at the US debate... Romney calling Obama a liar, Obama calling Romney a liar... we all know both are liars, and yet most Americans vote for one of them. Why prop up liars. I am frustrated to the point of shouting when it comes to this. We are all happy to be deceived.

How true " people who don't trust, are not to be trusted "

SHE sounds dreadful, I know the type...and you are so right, folk like that are never 'in the wrong' and never apologise.


Never thought about that, Dave. My OH (French) apologises when needs be, but, outside of that, I never thought of the rest.

I noticed one guy, a chef, is the same, and he says that even if he knows he is wrong, he will still argue the lost, or "wrong" point, to "win". He is also a pathological liar.

The lady in question, though, is horrified by her 6 year old son, when he tells porkies. She gets all high horsey on him, and tells him it's not good.

"No way, she boasts that she will NEVER apologise to anyone, as it is a sign of weakness"

I have a feeling that might be part of the French psyche. Ever heard of ANYONE getting an apology after some horrendous cockup in a shop or with a massive mistake in banking or with a utility company?

I notice it is commonplace among ordainary joe soaps, also.

I am a stickler for honesty, and accountability, and that we must take responsibility ofr our actions. Some people SEEM to share my ideal, but hide something.

In short, if I screw up, I admit it. But if I have NOT screwed up, and you continue to try to accuse me after I've said "it wasn't me".... then you won't be getting any xmas cards from me after that.

I work with a lady who constantly checks up on all employees, whether they are above, below, or on the same level as herself... She will check the history of the computer after her day off, in case someone used it to go on facebook. She will spend hours mulling over the camera footage of the night before, to see if i gave my staff a drink after work, or if we finished at the time we marked on the planning...

The woman is sick. Obsessed.

I thought to myself.. people who don't trust, are not to be trusted. It turns out I was right, she frequently lies, and I have caught, and called her out on it, on numerous occasions. She will exxagerate stories, or project.. like tell a stagaire "if the boss sees you using that he will go crazy", when in fact, the boss doesn't give a toss, and it is she, herself that is put out by the action.

We had a massive blow-out this season, because she found someone had used the computer to access facebook. she accused ME. now, if I HAD used facebook from her ordi, I would have said "yes, it was me".... However, I have facebook on my phone, and to be quite honest, I have too much to do, in my place of work, and could not be bothered with facebook while I'm in work. The thing is, she continued to accuse, find reason, and justify her accusation, of how "it had to be me".... I told her, briefly, that, just because she found it normal to tell lies, that not everyone was the same. She didn't understand why I was so insulted, and took my offence as "defensiveness". I walked out, that day, incensed. fuming.

Her husband called me back to ask me to come back, and it was HIM using facebook, to update the hotel's page.

Apology?? No way, she boasts that she will NEVER apologise to anyone, as it is a sign of weakness. to me, fibbing constantly is a sign of piss weak character.

I'll go along with all you say. I am no different. I have been frequently put down in the days when I worked with street children and child labour and in both cases was saying in fairly high places "ask the children if they want to be 'saved'". I believed and still believe that many kids go to the street and find their way from there as their best option, but we highlight the worst cases and working children often contribute to their impoverished families, help them survive and there is probably either no school or money for school anyway. So work is better than nothing. What is wrong is how those children are in both cases abused and exploited. That is the simple truth but nobody was willing to listen. My present OH came to see me for her thesis work because she admired my work and what I dared say. It turned out, by a many thousand to one chance, that the selfsame person in Peru was our shared greatest influence. The organisations are still cagey about me because they know this leopard does not change his spots.

OK, on the other hand I also taught students, undergraduates particularly, a lot of tosh I knew not to be true. If they asked me then I told them. If not then perhaps they never knew any better. None of it was harmful, so closed book as far as I am concerned. But what is the worst of it all, that I think we can lie, exagerate and all the rest of it and keep our integrity because the system makes us tell the porkies. I have had the most privileged life that by many people's books I was never entitled to and basically, apart from going nuts for a few years and this f**king shoulder business this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have no big problem sharing it, as unbelievable as much of it may seem, but then I sometimes pull out the photographs... However, at the end you touch one of my two big bugbears, corruption. Oh man, how I hate it. The other is 'not caring' in which I include people who 'deny', 'turn a blind eye', 'denounce' and much more. But that is a whole other book...

Hello Brian,

Happy forthcoming Birthday!

I was an only child raised by a heavily accented German mother and brutal English father, not overtly Catholic I stress..... I was packed off to school in Lederhosen and ribbed accordingly. My defence mechanism was the ability to draw anything ( for the compatriot school kids ) and humour, and I was razor sharp. But for whatever reason, as a Polyglot, maybe dyslectic mildly autistic ( who knows?) Bipolarite...whatever I do, I do have a tendency to take things very literally.

So when whomsoever it was banging out the dos and don'ts...don't lie, steal etc....I took it on board. I find it almost impossible to lie or steal to this day. I do realise, of course, that in order to function in Society you need to operate a sort of 2 tier programme...the people-facing righteous visage which disguises the hidden agenda of ulterior motives. The politicians are very practised at this.

Don't get me wrong....I was in business ( to Business ) for many years... you don't succeed unless you bend the rules... frankly taking the moral high ground... whilst lambasting the opposition/client/accountant/Vat you go.

Interesting what you say about Mother not quite sainted Teresa... it is probably descriptive of my point.

Are we ALL living a lie?.... feeding one set of information out to anyone who cares to receive it...whilst really thinking/doing/ the exact opposite.

The term 'reading between the lines' describes. As does 'what he really means is..." It's almost as if we need to be on our toes at all times...sifting out the truth..the chaff from the wheat...not just from Politicians, but everyone we encounter. How oft might we be as charming as f*ck at the dinner table them rubbish the guests as soon as they've left the drive...c'mon we all do it. I think it's in the human psyche.

We need to be aware, look over our shoulders....guard our nuts ( as it were ) sure life is one big learner on the curvature front...we turn to Granny for wisdom....etc.

Right up until my mid twenties I genuinely thought that, the police were trustworthy, politicians spoke for the electorate... Solicitors were balanced books....I had a sort of mental image the corridors of power were some how sacrosanct. Authority figures didn't lie or cheat.... very naïve i know now...and oddly ( as an Oxford mail ) got my very first inclination of corruption in the Maxwell days....but that's another story.

Sorry to disillusion you and honest injun, but my ex-wife and I met (OK, were all but forced to meet) Mother Teresa at one of her places in India. It was a set up too. The person who arranged the encounter wanted to know what we thought of her. My OH hummed and ha-ed being a Christian and needing to toe the line but I said that she made me feel uncomfortable. Then same children's organisation director who set us up introduced us to a survivor of a Missionaries of Charity homes who now worked for her own organisation Bhima Sangha. The nuns, including the holy Teresa, were brutal disciplinarians who used all manner of physical punishment of the nature we today simply call abuse. She received the Nobel Peace Prize for her work and has been proposed as a saint...

I think lies are currency in politics, business and much else. It ain't nice. So Ron, great question. If you don't believe what I said above then I'll put you on to my ex if you have that many hours in the day to spare!