Lidl special offer

We love shopping at Lidl and always on the lookout for a bargain. Thier orange 30% discount on deli products is always popular for us.
I couldn’t resist sharing today’s special offer of some not so sunny flowers!!! Not sure that any amount of water will revive these samples :rofl:

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For a second I thought it was a UK supermarket affected by delays due to lack of drivers in the haulage industry.

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They would if it was my mum on the job.

In the days when Glastonbury was more like a normal town with proper shops, not plagued by the patchouli-reeking magic crystals and knit-your-own-UFO emporia of the present, the Woolies used to have plants for sale.

My mum would wait till the poor things were in a similar state to the ones in the Lidl, and buy them for 50p. Roses and Jasmine reduced from £9.99. Whatever it was, she pounced, fettled them and they invariably flourished and bloomed.

You wouldn’t expect a peach stone brought back from Italy to grow into a tree in the open in a garden on the east side of the Yorkshire pennines but my mum’s did. No peaches, of course but still …

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My sister would have them thriving and 4 foot tall within a couple of weeks. I kid you not. She’s so annoying.

It’s a scam! Normally when they are that bad they flog them for €1 or less! :rofl: I have bought things I’d not had much hope for back to life!