Lies lies lies (or lost humor)

Lies Lies Lies (or lost humor)

I speak from England, where deserted streets, save the odd football hooligan, echo to the silence of our cries, yet again, to France for help.

We have been fooled by skinny bald-headed Boris; there is no vaccine here. AstraZeneca, as your towering physical & political giant M. Macron infers, is useless & probably just water.

The deceit of Waterloo, actually a Belgian “victory” - less than 10 English tourists present & those clad in fancy dress, but let’s not dwell on the loss of that great defender of liberty.
Dunkirk – we ran away as any French will tell you.
Normandy – it was only Americans and the courageous FF.

But you will know all this, you academic geniuses; you saw the light and now reside in the bastion of liberty. I salute you with the fingers of Agincourt.

Keep up your good work, save the English from themselves!

Refuse to accept those ridiculous pensions, so earned by the sweat of your academic brows. Send the pittance back & tell Boris to use it to support the Guardian & the BBC (custodians of our culture).

As for Sylvie -Agnes Bermann, I lack words to express my feelings. I am sure she is a lovely lady and good mother – Putin will enjoy her company.
Salins les Bains must be joyous gay and rainbow proud.

Salut mes amis

Keep taking the tablets Van :slightly_smiling_face:


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Lucky devil! I’m 72 and extremely vulnerable, but I don’t see any prospect of vaccination for a couple of months at least.
Everyone I know in England has been done, for the first time I feel I’m in the wrong country medically speaking.

The IQ of a turtle too (apologises to Testudines in general) it would appear.

I’m 67 Brian and will get inoculated this week. Just talk to your GP. Our friend above needs a hell of a lot more than Covid jab to fix him :rofl:

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I found information on that site "vulnérable British nationals returning to UK.
Take care of yrself Brian

Thanks for the link, it does seem rather more drastic a move than I had previously considered. I tend to think the trip would involve potentially higher risks than staying put.
I’m seeing my doctor next week so we’ll see what he can do to expedite matters.

Thanks all.

I am 73 and have severe asthma but my GP has refused to give me a prescriptiuon for a vaccination.

Change GP.

The last one was terrible.
You cannot just change your GP here, they are thin on the ground.

That’s true. We chose our house because it’s close to one great village, one village with a TGV link, one OK village and (most importantly) a town with a hospital and a clinic.

There is a very good surgery at Tramayes, but no houses for sale.

I suppose I had the “advantage" of having just been diagnosed with a leaky heart valve when we were house hunting. We reckoned access to medical facilities, while not pressing at the time, could become important in the future. In the end it was my wife who passed away, at only 53, and my heart’s (touch wood) doing fine.


But to empathise a little with your GP - they might, in your case, feel that they are caught between the “no AZ for under 65’s” directive and “no Pfizer for people with a history of allergies” directive.

Or they might be an arse. No way to tell without asking them why they won’t offer you vaccination.

Following the no AZ vaccine for the over 65’s I suppose.

That’s hard.
The main hospital for heart conditions is The Protestant Clinic in Lyon.
Likewise Centre Leon Berard for Cancer, also in Lyon.
As good as Paris.

I’ve just read that the Health Ministry is “encouraging” the Autorite de la Sante to reconsider the use of AZ on the 65 to 74 age group, following the latest Scottish trials. Fingers crossed it happens!