Life Certificate

I have filled in the form and had it signed by my GP, no trouble at all.

It will be sent off by Air Mail today.

My kind doctor said that this law will be probably used in France in the not so distant future.

Ok hère we go, i received a letter from the british pension office asking me to film in a form to prove i am still alive with a witness who add his name and profession which i filled in and sent of to england today,and as i said my GP who was my witness tord me that he bélières this system will be used in France in the near future.
PS I had forgotten that Brian Milne has used the same thread with a different title i believe it is if i am alive what do i do about it.

This thread is a follow up to Brian milnes question if i am amibe what should i do about it.all the answers are there.

What are you referring to ?

Can I ask which law you are referring to?