Life Out Of Balance

Yes Celeste.

Thank you for sharing this with us Mark. Many of us will have been through a similar situation or will be faced with this in the future. For this reason most of us will feel some empathy. Your ability to turn your almost universal experiences into something compelling to read is uncanny.

I guesse that you need to address this to the leaders of the world to see

what they can do to stabalise the agression and the balance.

I have re designed my own life and manage.

Watching our thoughts and feelings?..........through the looking glass or with the help

of one of the established religions? Or alone perchance of meeting like minded people.

Some aspects of spititual talk twists and turns around the tree, old and stentoriun but

at the same time it weaves a little tale which takes you to a world of words.

But this is a world of actions punctuating good and bad and although we want

all to be I said before we in a world of many and other's with different

thoughts and different asperations.

We are all creating our own destiny NOW...with every thought...negative or positive...this is the Law of Attraction. If you haven't heard of it...Google Abraham Hicks...Law of attraction.

Once you realise that You are creating your 'good' day...or your 'bad' day...your illness or your wellness...and the power only You have to change your changing your will feel the balance return to your life. If your feeling something that makes you feel good.

So you see if we look after our watching our thoughts...and feelings...our destiny will after itself.

And what is our wake up.

Gorgeous in my little acre of The Kingdom.

So what is your destiny Heather?

To stay here in France or to return passing your dream in the night.

Or is it that our dreams are often singular and not always shareable?

The choice often comes to the dreamer and it is about the balance.

For me no teacher can achieve this.

Yes I do believe every word of my post...otherwise I would not have posted it.....

I wish I cold share my knowledge with have to search for the Truth... for yourself...just as I have done these past 30 years. It's out only have to let it in. When the student is willing...the teacher appears.

Blessings on this beautiful day. May your God go with you.

Heather do you really believe what you wrote.

We are not totally in control of our destiny...

There are too many elements and other people at the helm of our dreams.

We can try our best for contentment.....and indeed may be more achievable here in

the countryside where greed is less ripe and the need to survive is more apparent.

Whereas in UK we/they rely on goverment direction and the good old fashioned NHS.

Which failed me on several occassions and with those failures turned my head and heart in another


Thank-you for a beautiful piece of writing.

What a brilliantly well written piece and thank you for sharing. This has endorsed exactly why we have decided to spend more time in France.

I think at our age we all have had some sort of experience like this, you write so beautifully. we are thinking of you. My mum is 91, and lives in the bleak no mans land between portsmouth and Southampton, visits are increasingly difficult and guilt ridden, especially as my sister has died recently.......Courage???

Thank you one and all for your kind and thoughtful comments. Sorry not to reply individually, but I must arise and go now and go to the back of the house with strimmer and harness and ear mufflers, there to attack the grass and weeds that have grown in my absence. As my friend Bret says, Happy sunshine!

Beautifully written Mark, our thoughts are with you and your family.

I have been in your shoes and know how you feel but you express it so well and you write beautifully…i read your post twice. Hope you are feeling more at peace now

You probably won't like this...but EVERYONE is exactly where they're meant to be.

You are responsible for what you see,

You choose the feelings that you experience,

You decided on the goal you would achieve,

And everything that seems to happen to you,

You asked for and received as you had asked.

And this applies to Every One.


When you know the big picture...all the pieces of the together.

And you can find peace...and balance.


I have been on a similar journey and understand escape and the need for


Mark you have just showed me how beautiful sadness can be portrayed.

Finding santuary in the countryside where balance still thrives .....this is the

true treasure which we are searching for.

So beautifully written.

Very moving and well expressed. Thanks Mark.

There doesn't seem to be anything aimless or futile in you, at any rate!

Thank you Mark.

Same sentiments as Catharine - it is a hard road we walk, particularly when we become the parent to our parent.

Koyaanisqatsi, yes I know what you mean and why. My mother was bedridden ill with 24 hour a day oxygen for her last roughly four years. Not the film but used in the background, music by Philip Glass and similarly some things by John Cage (dissimilar but with a bleakness they share), give me back sitting vigil. Bill Crozier who had been the BBC's man in Cologne presenting Two-Way Family Favourites from that end went to visit her after I found him for her. He was ill and said, as you do "all seems so aimless and futile" reflecting back over life, which in his case had probably been rich compared with many people.

I accept it all as it comes and clearly goes, perhaps pragmatism is a bit 'cold' but I take the view 'we come, we goes' and it suits me. Plus I think that I have personally had a great innings and wish that on most other people, some not quite so much. Look about you and see the miracle that is the world and all you said there that Catharine rightly describes as 'bloody awful' fits strangely enough in its place in that picture as the other side of anything we see. As there is black, so too must there be black for some reason.

Yes, me too wet silly words but my sympathy, empathy, whatever is appropriate but I cannot find the right words - if they exist.

Mark - I am so sorry. I know exactly what you are talking about. It is bloody awful.

* sending / feeling or whatever other b shit - empathy*

x x