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In the UK our doctors prescribed lifetime prescriptions foe levotyrox for my wife and perindopril for myself. Our doctor has said that neither of these prescriptions are eligible for long duration (free) issue in France. I’d appreciate any views of readers

Hi George…

It is the medical condition that is the deciding factor…
My OH has life-threatening health problems for which the Social have agreed to pay all costs for medicines, tests, etc etc (the well known 100%)

Our Doctor prescribes various medicines and Perindopril is one of them… issued 3 monthly and covered 100%.

On the other hand, OH gets digestion problems because of the medicines he takes… so the medicine to treat that is NOT covered 100%. The Social pays part and the Mutuelle pays the remainder…

It is up to your French Doctor to complete the paperwork for whatever health problem you have… and if the Social accepts it … associated medicines will be covered 100%.

Hello George

My mother has been on Perindopril for 5 years now following an AVC and is covered 100% for that and any tests, scans relating to it. However, Morphine, prescribed for the last 16 years, by her doctor here is not covered and as she has no Mutuelle she has to pay the part that CPAM doesn’t cover.

As Stella says it’s the doctor that completes all the paperwork, and it’s the Social that accepts or not !

Oh yes Stella, know only too well all the problems that some medicines can cause, mum has to have so many others to offset the side effects of Morphine… Horrible mais c’est la vie !

Prescriptions are usually renewable for 3 months, (the idea is that you get a check-up at least every three months because you are obliged to be seen by your dr in order to get a new prescription). It should be free though if it is considered essential medicine. Have a chat with the sécu and your mutuelle.

Levothyrox is not a drug that is normally covered by ALD (affection de longue durée) as the illness it treats is not on the list of 30 that are normally covered. I have attached a link to the list below. However, as mentioned by someone else the drug will be covered partly by the state and partly by your mutuelle so should still be free to you.

Also, as Véronique has said most prescriptions are renewed on a 3 month basis as your doctor needs to monitor you at least every 3 months. Your wife should also be having a blood test at least once a year to check her TSH levels.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Mandy

Thank you Veronique

Thank you Ann

I am on an SSRI class anti-depressant long term. My doctor applied for free fundng and it was granted. If I go see him solely for the re-issue of the prescription I no longer have to pay him nor do the pharmacy charge me.

Thanks Dave

Hi George, Hi Mandy,
You are right Mandy, a thyroid problem is not classed as an ALD (Affection Longue Durée), only because the treatment is not "over-expensive) except if you get your thyroid completely removed (due to cancer…).
Indeed, a box of lévothyroxine (the hormone) costs around 6 € -ish and lasts you for a while.
On the other hand, the CPAM (MGEN, etc. - any “Caisse Principale d’Assurance Maladie”) covers most of the cost and a mutuelle (if you have one) can pay for the rest.
If the thyroid problem is recent, a blood test is necessary every 2 month in order to adjust the right dosage needed.
I would strongly advice you ask for “L-Thyroxin Henning” (lab : Sanofi, German formula, made in Spain, distributed by Sanofi, France…) and not “Lévothyrox” (lab : Merck, Germany - produced in China…), in order to avoid bad side-effects that can occur withing 2 weeks/ 2 months of taking that drug, unless you are one of the lucky ones who do not react badly to it.
You will need the right “ordonnance” (prescription) for the drug and then make a special order at your chemist’s. If not, order “Eutirox” online from chemists in Andorra or better still, ask for any relatives or friends in Spain to help you out.
Good luck.

Personally…I would urge caution … for anyone thinking of obtaining drugs/medicines other than through their own Doctor/Pharmacy…:neutral_face:

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