Lift to the UK offered for participation

I am travelling in my car from Lauzerte in the Tarn and Garonne to Inverness starting on the morning of the 10th. January. I am returning on the 11th. from Inverness. Everything is booked already.

I can take one passenger on any part of that journey in exchange for some participation in the cost of the trip.

If anyone is interested, contact me to discuss it. (Pick up points, etc. and agreed cost, dosh up front)

All the best, Stubbsy.

Thank you all for the imput. I will try both the sites.

woops ... I didnt reas this before i posted below ....

Hi, are you aware of the website BlaBlaCar? Its a ride share website with good security for participants. Im not connected in any way with the org, just a user.

Bon chance :)

A9 , quite good !!! I drive it once a year en route to the North of Scotland. What an eye opener after the clear roads here. It's got to be the crappiest road I've had to travel on. I always do it in the summer, best of luck in the winter;-)

Whew, I thought that is one heck of a journey to do in that time although the A9 from Perth north, is quite good now and bypasses most of the places it used to go through ;)

That should have read returning the 19th. Jan....