Lift to the UK

Hi I am going to the UK for a week or so round about the 4th Feb returning 10 or so days later. Redon Le Havre Portsmouth (LD Lines) then possibly Manchester as the first stop. If anyone wants a lift I have a seat available and lots of luggage room. 06 62 20 67 15 or PM me via the site thanks.

Well I hope someone would at least pay towards the petrol! But it's generous in as much as it's your car getting the wear and tear (I know it would get that anyway on the trip) and might definitely be a blessing for someone whose car is perhaps on the blink or who doesn't own a car and they can avoid the hassle and long hours involved waiting for trains, connections etc with all their luggage in tow. Good on you. Just watch out for anyone who resembles Rutger Hauer in The Hitchhiker....

bunting and aprons! you paint with words me dear, a camouflaged barby pinny sounds perfect, the dog wouldnt be able to find me at the stove and save me feeling bad when ignoring those pleading eyes, address en route :)

Thanks Valerie, it helps pass the time having someones ear to bend for a few hours and the generous bit I think I forgot to say it would be a shared costs trip or at least a contribution. :)


Hav'nt done much knitting for a while, and I ran out of extra-itchy wool and you never sent your address.

I seem to have diversified into bunting and aprons????? My latest idea is camoulage barby pinnies for men who dont want to be seen cooking.

Theres not many insults in there., Maybe I've lost my edge.

Great idea, John, and generous to boot.

Hey PT, Thanks, how you doing? Long time no insults. My socks finished yet or you still waiting for the itchy wool to arrive? x

Bon voyage!!