Lightening the mood a little!

Nor me, but as far as the original question is concerned, I do love proper mash. With bangers, onions, and especially with a fried egg with butter mixed in.

Sadly, as I don’t peel spuds, real mash is out, the plastic variey in a packet is a poor 2nd but I do fail in that direction about once a year. Also, no longer have a frying facility.

So just a dream really. :roll_eyes:

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To a Lancastrian scalloped potatoes are slices of potato dipped in batter then deep fried


David… we don’t peel the spuds to make mash… I can’t and OH doesn’t want to (except for roasties…)

So, we use a potato ricer which works a treat

Plus the skins are automatically gathered tidily together, to put on the compost heap once they’ve cooled down…

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But I like the skins. ;-(

I like the skins… but not in mash… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

and, of course, the skins can go into the soup pot, if there’s one on the go…

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Mmmmmmmmmm yum, in Oz we call them potato scallops - sooo yummy with some chicken salt and tomato sauce (ketchup)!!


Not familiar with the concept I’ve just googled ricer and seen a variety on offer but do they really cut through spuds complete with skins without bending or breaking over time?

Also, it isn’t obvious that they seperate the skins at the end of the process.

I suppose as an alternative I could leave the spuds in the steamer a little longer and then mash them whole without damage to the masher we have.

I cut potatoes in two… smaller ones I leave whole…

Yes, the skins “stick” on the plunger … works a treat… provided the potatoes are cooked, of course… :rofl: :rofl:

If we’re doing mash for more than 2… OH knocks the skins off of the plunger, (not into the mash)… if it seems to be overloading…

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Trouble I found with a ricer, is that the black bits get through, and there are loads of black bits in French spuds. Went back to peeling and mashing years ago.

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I also don’t like my mash that smooth, I like the odd little bit of potato!

Agreed… I still have my old masher/smasher… but I can’t use it and OH hates it as it means peeling … so we compromise…

My hubby wouldn’t peel a potato if it was for mash - he doesn’t like it much. I suspect he grew up with very boring mash tbh as he doesn’t mind mine with butter, milk, salt, ,pepper. We had sausage and mash once at his sisters and it was awful, literally just mashed potato. On the other hand I was at my sisters (we have different mums so grew up with different mash potato!) once and got put in charge of doing the mash, I did it my normal way and her kids all complained and didn’t like it- they must have thought it too fancy or something!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: kids !!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

When we were kids, we had to put up with this ffs

At least it didn’t have black bits


David, boil potatoes with skins and when cooked skin the potatoes, so easy and taste much better.

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I don’t boil, I steam but if left a little longer I expect the result is the same and I would mash them skins and all.

I always slice potatoes before steaming and, on the odd occasion that I have miscalculated I notice the skins begin to separate by themselves, so I will try that tonight but with our old masher, this will be to go with the 2nd day of our slow cooked Bourgignon beef instead of the chips I was going to cook in the oven, and we’ll see how it goes and whether it is good enough to use with all the trimmings (sos, butter, cheese seasoning etc) as a stand alone meal later. :slightly_smiling_face:

Whatever works for you :+1:

LOL!! Vodka!!! :wink:


Totally agree. Years ago I knew Delphi Lakeman, a lovely one-armed woman who ran the fuel pumps at Yarmouth Harbour IoW. She would boil the spuds, peel them with her one thumb and then mash them. Perfect every time. Only downside was she liked to fry the sausage and then pour the fat over the mash. I also once stayed overnight in her flat with my wife. Delphi prepared us a “lovely” fried breakfast bought the plates to the table and just before we started, emptied the contents of the frying pan all over the food. The sausages floated! :swimming_woman:t2:


Sounds delicious, is there any reason why you can’t cook it yourself?

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