Lighthearted Humour comes under attack

I recently posted a very lighthearted ‘quip’ on another thread and have been asked to remove it as it may encourage other members to go off topic. I was wondering if anybody else has a sense of being overly censored recently or is it me just being too sensitive?


There’s certainly a place for humour Dan and no-one is being overly censored. I am the author of that message to you in a DM and rather than just flag it I thought on this thread alone that people would respect the intention to keep it on-topic as set out in the first post there. But don’t say I didn’t respect your views and approach you sympathetically and privately first.

Don’t worry Dan. Keep those super photos coming, in a new thread perhaps. Humour can easily be taken the wrong way when subjects and posts are controversial and humourless.


“But don’t say I didn’t respect your views and approach you sympathetically and privately first.”

Actually Graham I didn’t say any of those things - What l actually posted was a genuine question about the change l’ve noticed recently which l do find a little bit heavy handed and was asking other members for their opinion .

No, quite right Dan, you didn’t but I did.
This has not been heavy handed, there are only two topics currently running on the site where the OP has asked for the posts to conform to a specific format and in the main, that is being respected.
I really don’r see where your problem lies with this tbh.

There’s no ‘change’ @Dan_Wood - neither is there any ‘censorship’ :slight_smile:

However when @graham started the post he asked me if he could keep it / it could be kept on track. I agreed and this is what has happened.

That’s all! There are plenty of other threads available for you to post in whether that’s about your prostate or anything else for that matter :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I hope this clears things up for you.