Lights Out!


Good for france well done!

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This is good. Our little village Mairie sent a letter telling us the street lights will all be off from midnight to 06:00 except those of the chateau and Mairie square. The shops and restos have been that way all along. No YSL or Chanel in our village!

They are on all night here but I do live on a building site and I think its to stop theft more than anything else. When the houses are finished maybe they will turn them off although I believe they are solar powered which currently with the hot weather continuing every day, they are freely running - will have to take a closer look.

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As with everything… if there is a good reason for something to continue then no doubt it will… but the law gives some incentive to reduce wherever possible…


Here in our little corner of the Creuse, I’ve noticed the street lamps (normally switched off at Midnight) now switch off at 10pm, back on at 6am as normal. We all have to do our bit…

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Here in the back of beyond nothing has changed. I can still see all the stars and however much of the moon there is to see - unless it’s cloudy of course.

Just received email from engie to say they are paying me €100 towards my electricity costs and will be in my account next month. Every little helps.


I am sure there are lots of them but 86 by any chance?

Still a stupid wasteful idea, sensor lights going on suddenly draw far more attention than a light on permanently and dont allow theives to see whats available.


Sorry, 84. More south. 24C today :sunny:

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Thanks very much for posting this, Stella. Always a tonic to hear about good decisions being made.

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In our village lights were already switched off from 11:30 pm to 06:30am, now they are off from 10:00pm to 6:30am.

We’re still in the dark ages … pun intended … with the lights staying on all night from dusk till dawn. We did have a local vote a few years ago, which was overwhelmingly in favour of turning off the lights between midnight and 6am, but it wasn’t implemented because someone complained. Democracy in action. There doesn’t seem to be the appetite locally to ressurect the issue, which I find quite disappointing, especially because communes are being asked to save energy.

I suspect your commune will gradually take this sort of step… like most things… it takes time (and a kick up the backside perhaps)… :wink:

Well I work at night and often get home late 12/1am or later.

Not exactly safe for those out at those times

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That is very true, do you carry an attack alarm? Also of course depending where you are.

I’m in Paris. Maybe I should get one. Walking down pitch black streets is no joke

These days, it’s not wise to walk alone down pitch black streets any where… best to take personal precautions as might be necessary…

Has it ever been wise to walk alone without personal protection?