Liittle England

Been busy cooking and teaching Canadian clients plus having trouble with wifi and changing a bed

for a very tall Canadian. 12 HOURS IN THE KITCHEN was hard work....But that is what we do...COOK.
Today the clients brought us cherry pie....PICKED the cherries and used J s pate sable reciepie.

They seemed very happy and I am sure that the great weather and vineyards make a great contribution....but they had a very jolly time in the kitchen and all 5 courses vanished without a trace.
Now I have spent a few mins here and there on ANglo INFO Dordogne...

Could have been good but cutting down on research made it repetative and without flow and structure.

So much more to say but I do believe that if it was a better production it could help France and her

economy and drive a passionate surge of people to these lands to rent gites, buy houses and spend their money here.