Like/Don't like

I know, I know - this topic has been very wel aired already - BUT

There are so many worthwhile comments on SFN - but if one were to reply to all of them in detail it would take a lifetime - an there are more every second!!!

In so many cases, a reply would add nothing to the conversation - no point in repeating what has already been said - but there is so much I agree with (and just a little I don't) that I really don't think that an / button would do any harm to the conversation flow. It would allow the less garrulous of us to make a tiny point without having to re-write War and Peace :-)

As a near techno-phobe (I just can't be bothered to even try to keep up any more!) I have no idea of the complexities - or even the man-hours such a move would require - but, if it is feasible, can I express support for the concept??

Thanks again, Mike. The anonymity point had escaped me and is very valid!! Thanks again.....

There is already a "Like" button for the topic. But, yes, I guess there is a case for "Liking" or "Disagreeing" with the responses. But perhaps the anonymity of that would not be in keeping with the SF culture?

OK - so now we want buttons. *That* could make life interesting :-)

Love the other suggestions, Brian, Vic, Doreen and Jeanette :-).

Oh what a can of worms - does a referendum threaten?

Thanks, Mike.

Point made, but if you agree, but have nothing substantive to add, I think a "Like" button would be helpful.

Like/dont like....too basic!
It needs a couple of why/why not buttons too?


Or, 'Don't worry, it's only Vic' ;-)

Or a "You What?" for the cynical.

Or a " love the new photo" for anyone who changes their pic.

Or a " Nice to see you" for a black square who shows us their face.

Or a " I don't talk to people I can't see" for those who refuse to show their face.

Can we have an 'indifferent' for the grumpy lot who don't really care? ;-)

Can't say I pay much attention to "Likes." Most people seem to just plunge in and comment or reply, so I assume that must mean they like the conversation........

:-) Thanks, Dominique!!!

like very much


Hi Annie - how are you doing??

Smiley face, I like!


<> :-)

Like :)

Thanks, Irene :-) I like your reply :-)