LINKY meter question

We have had a Linky meter installed. My question is why then have EDF esitimated the usage as at September 2020 (incorrectly of course) and then used that number to work out my monthly payments. I thought the whole poit of LINKY was that the could read the meter remotely.

Does this reference help?

What if you pay monthly? We alert you if your monthly payment is no longer adapted to your actual electricity consumption and we indicate the impact of the new monthly payment on your bill. You’re free to make adjustments!

Seems it waits until the amount you pay no longer matches then they alert you. I guess you could cancel the monthly payment plan after which you will be billed twice monthly - keeping your money in your account rather than theirs :wink:

If you Linky installation is recent it is probable that the local remote reporting system is not yet operative.


We have a Linky meter here. When we moved in, I spoke with EDF and their method of estimating our usage involved little more than “a finger” and “the air”. Since then, however, I’ve been very impressed with the EDF website. Took a couple of weeks to show up but now I can track my electricity usage per day so have been easily able to calculate how close they got to our actual usage.

EDF and estimation! They overestimated me by 13013kwh and I am fighting around with them for over 2 month, even though they have the pictures of the meter. It is their way of financing their company, when investors do not trust them any longer.
In regards to Linky: The city of Caen and the village of Gonneville-sur-mer with lots of historic buildings have prohibited the installation of the Linky, due to the fire hazard caused by the Linky. A new house burned down in Eure, luckily the people were able to get out!

Électricité de France S.A. commonly known as EDF, is a French multinational electric utility company, largely owned by the French state.
I can’t see how the French State will seek to finance it’s operations in the way you describe.


I have never had a company estimating my usage before! EDF is the first company in 40 years. Luckily there are other companies you can use.

You don’t have to have EDF estimate your bills continually…
We have been with EDF now for over 12 years and they only estimate one bill in the whole 12 months based on the usage in the corresponding two month period in the previous year which is corrected by providing the numbers in the next reporting cycle - two months later. When your bill is prepared by EDF, you can see what numbers the bill is based on and correct it there and then with them. EDF are not ogres or money pinching morons… they are a respectable company but if you leave your money affairs open to others rather than keeping a tight control yourself (as we do) then the fault lies closer to home :wink:
Indeed, looking at my spreadsheet for this year I see that EDF estimate the bill in May and this year, their estimate was less than the corresponding period in the previous year…

More conspiracy theories perhaps? We did have our main meter start to smoulder a few years back which, if we hadn’t noticed it, would have caused a fire. But it wasn’t a linky. This link suggests a different story…


Thank you all turns out as above local Linky reads has not been set up. We only pay 24 euros a month due to being energy efficient and EDF have now adjusted our monthly payment and owe us 118 euros

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Absolutely, I’d put Linky meters causing fires in the same category as 5G causing Covid.


I agree Gareth, their website is now excellent.

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I would be more impressed with EDF if they coughed up the eight grand they agreed to contribute towards the cost of the new heat pump we paid for last December!! The other parties, Govt etc paid their share but not the EDF or whatever name they go by these days. Last report was the delay caused by the Virus - like EVERYTHING is to blame on it - although I don’t see how a bank transfer or even a cheque xould be that much of a risk!

€8k!! That’s an expensive heat pump. Ours only cost that in total…

That was the whole point - we should only have cost us personally net €2,000. But we had to pay the whole amount upfront.

We’ve been looking into some of the aides and DH wondered how much things are being put up by the ‘allowed’ companies due to all the subsidies? It was a well known issue in Oz when they had very generous first home buyers grants, all the houses went up by that amount!

We got no help with ours, apart being able to claim tax credit after. And it cost around 8-9k…So if Norman paid 2k + 8k from EDF +?k from others then you may well be right. …

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Seems that there are problems with some Linky disjoncteurs. We had an email today to say ours might be one of them,

We had this a few years ago before linky was fitted, Linky is just the meter, disjoncteur is separate (it is in our installation anyway)

We have to do an online diagnostic but the box has a seal on it. I’ll call them tomorrow to see if I’m allowed to break it!