Linky Meters - last chance for a freebie

This is all very well but although I’m not terribly keen on having a Linky I have no overwhelming objection either.

The main reason that I don’t have one is that access to the house is needed and scheduling an appointment when I am guaranteed to be there is difficult at the moment (e.g. two cancelled trips so far this year due to Covid).

When I had mine installed they were very helpful in allowing me to pick my time. It took less than half an hour as well. Have you got a helpful neighbour?

A neighbour has keys so probably not impossible - but it’s not high on my list of priorities TBH.

So it looks like we should allow them to fit one without arguing.

The bi-monthly charges don’t come-in until 2023… so one has time to get things put in place… :+1: :crossed_fingers:


It’s a breach of privacy and I’m really surprised the civil liberties people in France haven’t made more fuss about it.

If I forget what time I got up this morning and what.I had for breakfast exactly when, I am sure Linky could remind me.

I’d sooner have paid the extra amount. However the letter saying they were planning to install one didn’t arrive till on the day and by the time the notification letter arrived the installer was putting his tools back in the van. If they’d needed access to the property I would have refused it.

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Why is having a Linky a breach of privacy? You already tell an energy supplier how much power you use every two months - should that be private?

If you don’t want to partake in the grid then you can do so, but if you are part of it then there are responsibilities, a bit like keeping your car running efficiently/safely rather than allowing it to endanger others.

There are actually plenty of uninformed people out there trying to make the creation of a more efficient electricity grid harder. I can’t explain why.

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Yes, but the article also states that the charge will be applied if you have refused a Linky or dont provide readings. If it is an either/or and you continue to provide readings then no extra charge?
It interests me particularly as back in 2020 we agreed to have a Linky and the chap arrived to fit. After 30 minutes of much fiddling about he concluded that it wasnt possible to fit and left advising that ERDF would be in touch. Well we are still waiting.
I suppose in the fullness of time we will be included in the list of those who have refused a Linky and we will be charged 48 ish euros per year, and what chance of arguing that we shouldnt be charged even though we agreed to have the Linky?

Why not contact EDF and ask them when the Linky man is coming back, after his failure to fit ???

They’ll be better of talking to ENEDIS, as it is they (or their subcontractors) who install the Linkys.
Being armed with your PDL (Point de Livraison) number will makes things very much easier.


I really cannot summon up the time and energy to do their job for them.
I have the paperwork to prove they visited and the cancelled Linky reading card showing the last reading on what is still my current meter.
When the meterman next calls to take his 6 monthly reading I will mention, again, when the missing Linky will arrive.

Whilst I agree, it might be better to be proactive to avoid potentially ending up on the “refusnik” list.

I suspect the a meter reader will be completely uninterested in helping you. After all, they are being put out of work by the Linky rollout. Also, why wait to have the convenience of a Linky?

Agreed, the Gaelic shrug was his answer🤣

Its no inconvenience for me to keep what I have. Its them seeking the convenience to streamline overheads without passing on the savings to the consumer.

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Maybe not, but eventually a smart grid will benefit everybody so it makes sense to do your bit to enable it.


Badger it’s the micro data they get which is an invasion of privacy. No invasion if they can only get a gross figure of total consumptiom every x months. But the way Linky works and is set up to work they have my data down to the minute and probably microsecond.

There is no way I would voluntarily agree to this.

Data about when you put the kettle on - i couldnt give a shit


That depends if you think about how the micro level of data they are collecting could be used.

I think you need to explain exactly how one invades your privacy - because TBH it doesn’t.

Actual reasons to worry about Linkys (or is that Linkies) are not that strong - there’s the hair trigger if you go over your agreed power consumption but a lot of that is people who used to have fused installations where the fuses would only blow under extreme provocation and the overcharging issue which is almost certainly old electromechanical meters, not changed for years, and underrecording usage - the Linky comes along and looks much higher as a result.

Both, of course, precisely the reasons Enedis benefits from the roll out.

If you are that paronoid about collection of data I recommend that you disconnect from the Internet immediately.