Linky meters - Update - Protection is now available


I have to say that I have one of these things, and yes there are lights that turn on by themselves, most disconcerting in the middle of the night. So bad in mum’s room that I replaced her ‘touch lamps’. The ‘experts’ tell me that this is ’ a hiccup’ and not to worry, but then they would, wouldn’t they ! :roll_eyes:

A bit off-topic, but perhaps entertaining to mention, Ann, that when you mentioned lights that turn on by touch vs lights that go on automatically I immediately thought of my dear late, great-aunt Ted (Theodora), who delighted in lamps that she could turn on and off by sound: she’d clap once and the light would go on; twice and the light would go off. Aunt Ted was one of my mother’s father’s sisters; I think he had nine sisters in all. They were quite a group of interesting, storytelling women. Anyway. Aunt Ted and her lamps. Cheers.

Good job it’s not by sound here Mary
what with the owls screeching, cows mooing, cats fighting and mum’s snoring my electric bill would be enormous :wink:


Latest update

We have just had one installed this week. Our neighbours (french) do not want them, one says she is frightened of them. the Maire has agreed for the whole commune to be Linky’d up :slight_smile:
We have a friend who has a maison secondaire, which is not visited very often and he had a massive 2.000 euro taken from his account as he pays monthly, then another 1.000 euro the following month despite telling EDF he didn’t even live there to run up these bills. to date he still has had only half of these amounts after months of calls to EDF
We will be requesting a quarterly bill if possible and cancelling the automatic payments
just in case!

Opened a friends holiday home (at His request He is in the UK) after we phoned and arranged a time with ‘endenis,’ to have his meter installed, took 20mins.
I could have lived without one, but it seems unavoidable!

 protection from the Linky evil- effects
 is available

I have used Lithotherapy for some years now Stella because of various ‘problems’ with my house. I always have Shungite and Tourmaline Noir close to 'phones and computers. Always have Tourmaline Noir around the ‘dead areas’ of my house too, and above all on my bedside table. It works for me, no doubt there are lots of people who will decry this, but I don’t care. I am and always have been very sensitive to atmospheres, some of my sceptic French friends now come to me for advice 

Anyway, using stones and crystals is a lot less expensive than 'modern means ’