Linux recommendations for slow/old computer

(Craig McGinty) #1

I’ve an old Advent 7250 that has a similar spec to this.

It currently has 127MB Ram and is running Windows XP Home Sp3.

I’m wondering if there is a particular flavour of Linux that might be suitable for it?

Looking to use it to get up to speed on Linux really, and maybe as a lightweight .pdf reader etc.

Many thanks,

(Craig McGinty) #2

Thanks Darrell, can most probably set up a new partition and try things out that way. (and thanks for the comment about the site :slight_smile:

(Nick Aurelius-Haddock) #3

Hi John, does the audio utility on the top task bar find your audio device? If it does , does it correctly list it?

If not then open a terminal and type the following to tell us what it is

“lspci -vv | grep -i audio”

Wihout the quotes and post the results.


(Craig McGinty) #4

Many thanks for all the helpful tips and recommendations, will be off for an explore.

All the best,

(Greg Harvey) #5

I used Xubuntu on a really old laptop - don’t remember the spec - it couldn’t handle stock Ubuntu but Xubuntu worked great:

(system) #6

Well spotted about the memory for Lubuntu Chris, installing the minimalist version of Lubuntu I guess would not have allowed Craig to experience it properly.

(system) #7

Chrome 5.0.375 here on Lucid Lynx - not experiencing any problems with the site.

(James Higginson) #8

SFN on Chrome is a bit flaky on OSX too.

(Craig McGinty) #9

Thanks chaps, will take a look.

(system) #10

Hi Craig

There is a lightweight Linux distribution called LUBUNTU, I use the full-fat version UBUNTU and like it very much.

Here’s a review and instruction page…


PS. The Lubuntu site is currently down but ought to be up soon.

(Bob Toovey) #11


I would of thought DSL linux would be a good choice. There are a lot of distro’s to choose from so take a look at…


Hope this helps…