Liquid gas in france

any thoughts? help? advice appreciated… we’re about to move into a house that is ‘powered’ by gas - but not the sort that comes from the mains… there was much pointing at a manhole cover in the garden and general agreement that is was a good thing this gas when we first toured the house…

(p.s. it’s not just me… my tenants in the uk have been faced with an oil powered house for the first time, and wondered if they should go to the petrol station or b&q…)

Good luck with the move. We were very excited when we moved and have not regetted it for one minute. We were from London so the peace and quiet were exceptionally welcome!!

Oh, sorry Teresa, didn,t see you already had replies.

Very normal Teresa, don,t know about the manhole cover though, unless thats where they store the container out of sight? Usually by the side of your house or somewhere in the garden you would have a large tank, usually white… and this is where your gas is kept, gets filled up each time you run out(you call the supplier out to do it).

More common, Fioul (oil), again, you call the local supplier and they fill up yout tank.

Both very easy systems although the price of the Fioul goes up or down in line with petrol prices.


linda, we’re just about to move to our new house in Montgey 81470, about 10 mins from Revel. we’re just a little bit giddy with excitement at the moment!

No problem. Where are you in France?

linda thank you so much - very informative and glad i’m not alone in my surprise! i’ve found the old tenants supply details so, once i’ve worked out the french for ‘please deliver me some gas’ i’ll be sorted!

We too have a house powered by gas - a surprise when we first bought - but being “out in the sticks” there is no mains gas. We have a large tank in the garden hidden by a hedge which has a gauge for you to check. When required we just ring Primagaz and they deliver. Christa is right that you may already have a contract for the house with one of the main suppliers - we did. Although the price of gas has gone up, it is still a lot cheaper than oil and electricity. We also invested in a wood burner which is lovely for the winter and saves on the gas. Sounds as if you may have an underground tank but I think there should still be a gauge for you to see how much there is in it. It is important not to let the tank get totally empty. Hope this helps.

brilliant Christa, thanks

Ask the agency to find out which local companies supply it, or ask a neighbour. They might all be supplied like that and have a bi-annual visit from the tanker.

thanks… tis a rental house and practically perfect - so the gas is staying - i’ll look out for the tankers!

I have never had a house powered by gas in this way, but I think it comes delivered in a tanker. The price of gas has shot up recently so it’s not the bargain it used to be. Still, in rural areas I think it’s pretty common.

The pompe à chaleur is considered the most economical way to heat and cool these days, so if you’re thinking of doing some work on the house, compare the cost of using the gas (ask to see a old bill if possible) with other means.