List your failures here.....!

Bored with making resolutions and never sticking to them?

Fed up of reading smug posts from people who plan to learn Mandarin and finish their origami model of Tower Bridge in 2014?

Welcome to Failure's Corner.....

Feel free to list anything you failed to do in 2013 or equally, anything you will probably fail to do in 2014.

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2013 Was a catch up year for me. I managed to get a lot of stuff done that I let slip in 2012 which was pretty good. Trouble is of course, half the "To Do" list for 2013 didn't quite make it. No surprises there!

Still struggle goes, just putting one foot in front of the other and I may get there.

Oh Lucky ducks! Enjoy your holidays!

I'm still biting my nails. Just the thumbs and index fingers, however. No idea why....

Yes I am, Marie, thanks. Next week, off to Mauritius for 9 weeks. That should help.

What an excellent way to look at life! I'm slowly learning to be content just the way i am too...It's learning not to worry over so much stupid unimportant stuff . I've managed to survive a 20 year relationship with my French partner and have 3 beautiful kids....Yes Life's still good. Hope your recovering well Bruce.

Will no doubt fail to stop procastinating again because I always have to finish what I started before I get started ....

But we WILL be a full-time family in 2014 - Tim WILL either get a job nearer so he can commute every day, or we will decamp to be nearer his work - I am a woman on a mission .......

As Vic said "Not enough space here" :)

I failed to:

  • Take time for myself weekly
  • Volunteer more hours at the homeless shelter
  • Take dancing lessons
  • Take one hour lunch at work every day
  • Attend the Chamber of Commerce event monthly

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope 2014 will be better for all of us!

Hi Julian

Can you please add your surname please as per our T&C - a photo would be nice too - thanks!

Mine are as follows:

  • Failed to go out on my Motorbike more than once
  • Failed to say "NO" to people who think I have nothing else to do
  • Failed to complete renovations of our rental house ready to let it out

For 2014

  • Plan to go out on Bike at least once a month
  • Say "NO" cos if they don't like it its tough!!!!!
  • Schedule drawn up Yesterday to complete House ready for rental beginning April

Watch this space

No disrespect meant, BUT the way you wrote about Jim just showed up my (our) age(s). It reminded me of Mrs Dale's Diary and the way she always referred to her Jim and his foibles!

Oh please, please, please be right!

That's the premise I'm working on too Catharine!

I do hope so for all your sakes.

My main worry is Monsieur Hollande, and I can’t do anything about that. I just hope that he doesn’t take all of us with him on his plan to self destruction for France.

We are trying to be positive to and doing our best to get our new website together and hope we have a good year with the gite.

Jim’s list of major things to do is getting shorter and perhaps the decorating in our house will be finished in 2014.

I love living here in this part of the countryside and we have wonderful friends, so whatever happens I am sure that we will be able to pull through.

We also hope that our knees will not give us too many problems, what it is it with our lower extremities?

Take care this evening, perhaps an early night would be the safest way to start 2014.

2013 was such a rubbish year in our household that I am absolutely convinced that 2014 will be better - so that has got to be good, right?

Sounds like you are an all round success my love! xx

  • I failed to lose weight (chocolate could have something to do with that)
  • I failed to stop smoking (being tied to the computer instead of working outside could have something to do with that)
  • I failed to stop yelling at Twerp when he refuses to brush his teeth (being a short-tempered cow could have something to do with that)
  • I failed to take the dogs walking twice a day (see 'computer' excuse above)

But I did manage to

  • Let Twerp know I love him
  • Earn enough to pay basic bills
  • Clean the house at least once this year.

Happy New Year all!

Simple DO NOT EVER MAKE A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, just go out and do what you want to do in life and live it to the fullest, you never know what is going to happen.

I just try to be happy. It usually works. I had a stroke in August. I now look at things in a different light, and feel so glad that I'm still here. Most of the rest is not important. I've got the best woman, 2 great daughters, who immediately jumped on a plane to get here, and 5 grandkids who always want to know how "Pepe" is.

Life's still good.

Well I sincerely hope you're wrong Kirsty! Was it you that failed or just circumstances?

I don't make New Year résolutions but if it's any consolation we've had pretty much a failure of a year - work, money (what money?), attempts to get others to complete work for us, attempts to get others to get the first others to complete work...

I have been healthy - which is one thing!

At least you're brave enough to "share". Chin up and think of Python :)