Litter louts

Why are humans so selfish, short sighted, destructive and above all stupid.

Is it so hard to take your rubbish with you when you go out for the day.


It seems like an indication of lack of pride in their country and lack of respect for fellow citizens.

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A friend of mine in London says that it is very worrying, that it has become like an expression of rage, or deliberate vandalism, deliberate smashing of glass bottles etc. A real change from a few weeks ago.

There have been a few cases of arson in the north west as well

When people have no positive contribution to make, their only option for self expression is to break things.

The sentence in the report “since lockdown restrictions were eased” also struck me.
A few weeks ago a friend of mine who has spent a lot of time in America was wondering whether it had sufficient social cohesion not to crumble under lockdown - turns out it hasn’t. (Although a racist crime set off the current breakdown, I’m sure broader social tensions, the lockdown and fears about the future were also in play.)
Thoughtless day-trippers may seem a long way from street battles - but I wonder if both aren’t symptomatic of some weakening of the social fabric?


one finger typing from injury bed pls excuse typos etc; this is not new; seems there is a need to foul a beauty spot by man: i think it is a jealousy thing; -ou have something i like but cannot have, so will destroy it for you as well

not hard to reason w simply do not deserve our planet v glad ave no following family;

Saw similar scene of wanton laziness at a Peak District beauty spot, in the Guardian online, I think ?

I’m reminded of our dogs - and I’d already assumed once people were “let out” they would behave badly.

We can get our dogs to “behave”, “sit” etc etc for a period of time, but the moment we let them go they play up - same with humans. :slight_smile:

I had assumed people would let off steam, be in high spirits etc but not turn into ghastly vandalistic litter-louts :pensive: disgusting.

Same things happening around France, human beings I’m afraid.

Certainly not restricted to the UK, terrible litter in Paris at the week-end. People behaving like monkeys.

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Fauchage just started here. Even in our remote location it reveals numerous cans, cartons and bottles thrown from passing cars.
I suppose it is not necessarily the drivers, but I do wonder if they fully concentrating on their driving.

During lockdown I had to take our (very sick) dog twice to the vets an hour away. Each time I saw about 20 vehicles during that hour’s drive - I can tell you, it’s difficult to concentrate when there’s so little traffic. :grinning: :grinning:

I love this, New Zealand authorities may have found a more “direct” approach to the problem. The image was posted by someone else on FB, its origin may, of course, be dubious. The sentiment is good though.


Legit or not it is a brilliant sign.

When we came to France to buy our house in 2005 there was no sign of litter in the countryside, but we have now see cans lying by the side of the road, and, of course, there is the disgusting habit of long distance lorry drivers relieving themselves into bottles and then throwing them out on the side of the road.

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Sounds quite Kiwi, they have a lovely direct way of dealing with things.

I have seen littering get slowly worse over the years. When I was a child, I was taught to put my rubbish in a bin, if no bin, it went in my pocket till I got home. My stepson was taught the same, I had to empty his pockets of all sorts before doing the laundry. These days it seems that there is always the idea that someone is paid to clear up after us, so why bother?

It is one of my top pet hates and the environmental impact is huge, a lot of the discarded litter gets blown to the 4 winds, where it is ingested by marine life, animals and birds.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I believe that if you can catch children when they’re young, teach them the importance of responsible litter disposal for all the reasons we have discussed and hopefully it will stick with them for life.

Either that, or stick them in front of the Wall-E movie!

dismounts soapbox

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Wishing you a speedy recovery Norman :pray: