Little England

I notice that ITV are looking for more ex pats to make another series of that dreadful " Little England".

There are always a few Brits who will be lured to the footlights but these type of programmes do us no favours! The last series depicted all those featured as members of an elite high class club who were made to look "nice but dim" even when their intentions were serious - though some Brits WERE - ".. the locals respect me - I have the biggest house in the village!" Cringe. Add Mr Palmers sarcastic commentry on everything & you have another few hours of absolute drivel.

Great! Lets hope it puts more Brits off moving here because I'm selfish & want to keep this lifestyle a secret. If you disagree may I suggest Benidorm might suit you better?

I was contacted to see if I wanted to appear in the new series. It seems that it is because I fly a microlight. I had to explain that I only watched a couple of episodes before realising that that sort of TV was not for me. I told the lady that I do not have catastrophes or calamities whilst flying (they tend to hurt) and do not want to take part.

I am sure that the series is entertainment to some, and everyone to their own, but not for me.

ah now you know why we only have French TV Mark, but I'm cringing with you at the thought of what they must have shown!