Little Mack

Mack is an adorable kitten, bursting with purr-sonality, arrived in a terrible state with grass seeds galore stuck in his long fur. Mack, gorgeous main coon or Norwegian type kitten of just 2 months old found in the middle of the countryside by a passing lorry driver.

Mack just wouldn’t keep still for his photocall, as you can see - had to tire him out before finally getting a shot of him, asleep!!

All our cats and kittens are neutered before leaving us. they are also vaccinated and microchipped, here are Mack's details -

Mack né 4.5.2013 male tigré blanc type Norvégien/Maine Coon numéro d'identification 2502698730232451

What a lovely, fuzzy ball of fun (and barrel full of monkeys). And what a Lucky little guy to end up at CdQ.