Little romantic interlude to make you smile in these troubled times

Met a lovely, courteous Frenchman yesterday… I asked if he was the brother of Madame?

“No, but I and my wife were long-standing friends of Madame and her husband. Now, we both find ourselves alone and lonely (widow and widower)… so we have setup home together. At our age, there is no time to waste.”
(he is 84 and she is 79).

I wished them both well… probably not see them again as she has now sold her family home here… and is going elsewhere… to live life to the full !!!

I witnessed Madame’s distress at the death of her husband a few years ago… so seeing these two, so obviously happy now… well, that quite made my day. :hugs:

I mentioned them to OH and he immediately said that something similar had been said in one of the Marigold Hotel films… at a certain age, there is no time to waste… (so real-life and fiction do sometimes run along the same lines).


Lovely story Stella…just goes to show that where there is life there is hope (and romance) too! :wink: