Live to a Thousand

Genetic engineering, stem cell technology, nanobiotics, renewable energies, lab-grown foodstuffs, all technologies working for the benefit of mankind ( and the odd multinational ). Some of them are still pipe dreams, some in development, some already working, but it is possible that ( assuming were are not wiped out by some calamity ) that some SFN readers may benefit from fit and extended lives.

So, if say in the next 20 to 30 years you are given the opportunity to live longer, say for a 1000 years what would you do? Would you want to? Could you afford it? In such a scenario would we have to instigate a Logan's run type of cut-off, to allow new blood to have a go? Would we have a world where only the rich can afford to live? ( sound familiar? ) I'd be interested to know.

Me? assuming I'd still retain my good looks, I'd give it a go, but truth be known when hit say 750 I'd be getting a bit cheesed off with it all…. mind you it would be interesting to see how the Renault drivers cope with roundabouts in the sky!

now that I have han-ged meself (pronounced that way, you know), I shall now proceed in a disorderly queue to not collect any pension down the post, knees a jitter wondering if I will turn out like Forsooth and his tombstone chin and probably hang myself again - this time, out to dry after pishing myself, do noubt!

....ah yes Syrup The Bruce, hasn't he done well!....Nice still to be be here still..NICE, How does he do it? Oil of Olay?....Aspic?...NO Formadehyde! I guess in a couple of hundred years a cheap ol' vinaigre will do the trick.....just the thing for a 'salt of the earth' guy who's not quite had his chips....hmmm feel a bit peckish now!

done it, you mentioned sir bruce foreskin - I shall now proceed to a quiet place and hang myself. see ya later!

yeah Bri, not a pretty picture, all of us just wired up brains floating in a glass tank...where's the fun? " Cor" look at the electrodes on that"...not the same.

And the spectre of Gentlemen hooking up with OHs much younger than themselves, is somehow distasteful don't you think? ( smiley face ) All of us speaking Mandarin, ( or Esperanto may even have made a come back ) noshing down the Monosodium Glutamate steeped sewer grown tofu....hmmm that E621 is reacted to perfection... the lab grown Pizza delivered by hover-moped.

Holidays? where would you go....would there be room? trekking hols on the Polar Savanas? What would it be like."Oh I do like to be beside the Methane..." and for your entertainment tonight ladies and Gentlemen and undecideds...Sir Bruce Forsythe....I'm starting to shudder

nasty... by the time bits and pieces wore out we would be so many transplants, etc down the line that cybermen would be our pin ups! news could be interesting though: 852 year old absconds with 64 year old school girl! chaps like myself recalling each of our 282 marriages and getting upset about forgetting 128's name... reminiscing about on/off buttons on hardware before fartactivation technology took over. nostalgia would be a leading industry. maybe not!