Livery in Languedoc

We are in the process of moving to Languedoc, more specifically Herault 34 and opening a livery yard. We currently own a yard outside of Edinburgh and it is a natural barefoot yard with a paddock paradise track system.

Does anyone know if there is a demand for this yet in France. The move is really just for us but we may take on the odd client as the track system allows for good mixed herd groups and we will be sharing some of our own 7 horses out to riders that we already know down there.

Hi Fraser,

My main familiarity with Marseillan is buying our Noilly Prat Ambre! I think closer to the coast there will probably be fewer people with horses but I guess it's a case of looking around the area where you are interested.

Are you at all familiar with the area inland a bit - Clermont l'Herault and getting towards the hills around there? I think also there's a bit of money around Pezenas so worth looking around there perhaps.

Hi Alan. We are going down to view houses in a few weeks. Family live in Marseillan so probably somewhere relatively close. We are trying to weigh up the market benefits of locals who own horses as well as people with second homes and looking to share a horse to keep their hobby alive. It’s principally a home for us and our horses so not dependent on a client base but it would be good to find some like minded people I suppose.

Fraser, we have a house near Lake Salagou - moving permanently in two weeks. I'm no expert but near Dio there is a material equestrian centre and there are a number of horses around the lake.

Whereabouts will you be based?

Good luck in any event.