Living off a fosse septique the only way


I'm new to the website and am in need of advice re Fosse Septique options. We have bought a renovation project which has a setic tank ( not approved on the inspection report). My problem is we are building or working towards being fully offgrid including composting toilets, grey water recyling ect...consequently we do not want a sepict tank of any kind, we have yet to set our water system in place (from a source on the land) my question... is it an absolute, or are other ecological systems allowed?


We bought a house living completely off grid last year and decided to install a Microstation (Delphin I think is the manufacturer). We are waiting for a technician to arrive to finish the electrical side of the installtion but it all seems very good.
The problem is we receive a call from the Cabinet Nicot (not sure if that is spelt correctly) 2 days after the deadline for refusing our declaration de travaux. They werent happy that we were installing a microstation and said that the documentation which states the pollutants after filtration are 7% (standard tap water in france/europe is approx 24% pollutants) were lies, that it is impossible for the station to filter to less than the standard tap water. They also demanded I dig a trench 60m long x 1m wide x 1m deep filled with limestone to act as a secondary filter. They even suggested a company who could do this for me!!!! After some discussion with the guy who installed it and others who have something similar it seems the Nicot dont like the microstation as they cant "make any money" from it - just as a warning.

I read up on the options before hand and this definately seemed the easiest and smallest option hence my purchase.

Are you planning on standalone composting toilets or something like the Aquatron? Or am I barking up the wrong lavatory?


thanks so much for your replies...quite a bit of research to do. Will be posting a vidoe blog/journal of the project when we get back, tips and advice much appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the group. If not already using it, look at is the main french environmental portal for all things green (or not) and governmental. Equivalent to DOE. Am sure it will lead you to useful stuff and plenty of info about grants etc...

I'd love to see photos of your project, sound interesting and worth sharing.

Have a chat with Keith from BioVerte too, he is very knowledgable on the subject

Reed bed filtration could be an option

Here's a starting point (contains a pdf which includes the rules) Looks like quite a useful organisation