Living under the Radar

During a recent discussion with a group of friends regarding the 15 year voting rule a subject that many didn't know about and cared even less the old chestnut was brought up the WFA . Total apathy with comments ranging from its only £200 not worth bothering with, this from a man running a UK registered car complete with current tax disc and MOT even though its only been back to the UK twice in over 4 years, to i don't care i give a UK address why don't you buy an old caravan and stick it on a site somewhere and use that as your address. How many are doing this, giving a false UK address is cutting the ground from under the campaigners feet fighting tooth and nail for the right to vote and our allowances no wonder the UK government can walk all over expats we are being stabbed in the back by 5th columnists our own compatriots

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It seems to me that the old adage of "no taxation without representation" might be something IDS and HMG might ponder over. I have no choice about where I pay my tax. It's the UK although I am resident in France. Only reasonable then that I should have proper representation in the UK parliament not some fifteen year allowance of a semi-detached relationship to my old parliamentary constituency. I should also be able to benefit from the WFA which my taxes contribute toward. Unlike me the proprietors of the Daily Mail seem to live in an unusual world, resident in UK for everything other than tax.

You mean, they are grumpier than we are ;-)


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*Wonders how many of the 'blank' profiles are actually bored franchisees of AI*

Their demeanour seems remarkably familiar....

No Sue, this is the only forum of which I am a member. I have other things to do, so cannot afford to spend that much time.

Catharine. I'm so sorry I've if I've ruined your Sunday evening. I didn't realise that posting things such as this were best not done on Sundays. I always look at the photos to see who's on & noticed the name NIck H, ie not a proper name & genuinely thought you would like to know that it had slipped through the net. The fact I called it a black square was a statement of fact as I couldn't say 'Nick H's photo' as there wasn't one & it was in no way a reflection on the fact he hadn't posted a photo. I'm not a 'self appointed anything' & as for riling other members, why? Most people seem to agree with you that photos are good & those that don't are those who won't post one anyway so what's the problem? You thanked Hayley for 'the link' to a wrong description yet bollock me for the same thing so I'm somewhat confused.

Vic - for one I've been in touch with Nick about his problem uploading a photo. For 2, it is Sunday night and I really do not need to be policing SFN. For 3, you need to back off the 'self appointed guardian of the profile picture role' as it is simply riling other members.

Whilst you're at it Catharine, how about Nick H who's black square appears on the Members 'pics' as I type?

Hope you do Sue

"That someone hasn't put her pic up yet, but I will when that chap with Delboys avatar removes it ;) #jesuisHayley"

Dell Boy is now a black square. Looking forward to seeing you soon :-)

Just goes to show that even I'm not perfect! Thanks for the link Hayley x

I think I'll call myself "Lobby Ludd", then everyone can claim their five pounds on Blackpool beach :)

I believe the picture and the name are a matter of good faith. If some choose to falsify one or the other then shame on them. It has a civilising effect. You might have looked at many forums (it is forums by the way not fora) and while there may not have been unpleasantness about user ids there has been a lot of unpleasantness on some from people hiding behind anonymising usernames.

I did say i was leaving this topic but its seems to have taken on a totally different life form. My original point was that those that wish to deny us the rights to our allowances do not live in France or only do so for a few short months of the year,some even claiming everything they can by giving a false UK address whilst permanent resident in France.

As for having the right to a UK vote but not using it i assume those people realise that the UK are passing laws that could have a detrimental affect on your everyday life and you have the means to stop this action by exercising your right to vote. I and many here pay tax to the UK Government but they expect me to roll over and play dead when they pass laws that effect me

*passes the digestives boat, nodding sadly*

Ian. Not quite sure about vet. but in the time I've been sat around this dinner table I've seen the same tired old reasons for non compliance trotted out time & time again. Nothings changed & it's still not polite to come to this usual haven of sanity with a bag over your head.

Then pig's bum it shall be if your sight is that bad Brian lol. Being short sighted is no defence, as is ignorance ;) #dontshootmedown

I'll thank you too. Also, do not worry too much about the diversion, sometimes they diffuse possible disputes or other and worse diversions. We usually get back on track.